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A Curse of Friday the 13th, The Very First Day, Part 1
One month before Friday the 13th

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To regain her ruined confidence, Julie looked through the window. Vainly, since the sky conquered by dark storm clouds was as gloomy as her mood in the conference room in the third floor of the law firm. Instead of being here, Julie’d rather have followed her instinct to escape and she wanted to be somewhere else, especially there where the life was still easy and simple. Yeah, being young associate attorney who’ll have to give a clumsy explanation for one of the most important clients is never easy. However, she swallowed and told him.

'I'm terribly sorry, Sir,' Julie said rather quietly, casting her eyes down, to express her regret to Mr Nilrem who was sitting opposite to her.

'Do you really know who I'm?' the man asked her angrily. Despite being in a no-smoking area, he simply lit a cigar, using a plant pot within his arm’s reach as an ashtray.

Of course, Julie thought, everyone knew the famous and feared founder and manager of the billion-dollar-company Nilrem and Co Inc. Moreover, she had been the one who had welcomed Mr Nilrem two weeks ago. She had been the one who had signed his contract for managing his case and she had been the one who had said to him that the files would be in good hands: in her own hands. Now it seemed she had lied.

'Sir...,' Julie didn't know how to excuse herself after making one of the biggest mistakes of her life. She knew that making the richest and most powerful man in the city angry wouldn't mean a long and successful career. How would she tell it to her parents? 'Mommy, your twenty-nine-year-old daughter became a street-sweeper.' It wouldn’t be as funny as it sounded now.

'I've chosen your office and you personally, Mrs Warden, because our common friend told me you're the best,’ Mr Nilrem said, and his anger seemingly had faded away. ‘And now I'm absolutely disappointed. Darling, the Nilrem Company has never ever lost any lawsuit. Understand, darling, don’t you? I don’t care about the fine I must pay to the other company. I’ll earn this damn five million dollars in a few days. And I don’t care about any financial issues, either. Listen to me, darling. In this lawsuit I was right, but you've ruined the reputation of my company in the silliest way I've ever heard...'

Julie tried to stop Mr Nilrem’s streaming sentences:
'As you know, my secretary was on sick-leave for weeks and the new trainee's forgotten to post your file to the court so we've missed the deadline.'

'So you want to blame your junior assistant?' Mr Nilrem asked a little bit ironically.

Yes, it would be so easy, she thought. Instead of doing so, she replied loudly:
'Absolutely not, Sir. It should have been my task to check her every day. So it was my mistake when I forget to send your file and losing your... But, please, I've got more than a dozen cases to manage at the same time and...,’ she said, confused.

'So, in short, as her boss do you take all responsibilities, Mrs Warden?’ he inquired simply and seriously. ‘Very nice, but, darling, are you trying to tell me that you really hadn’t got any free time for a client who pays off your sky-high hourly rate?'

'How could I explain him that a day consists of only twenty-four hours?' Julie thought in despair, and she almost began to cry. She closed her eyes and fell silent. She recalled a well-known phrase, the first sentence of the Business Bible: 'the client is always right'. After years full of success, she had made a mistake. And what a stupid mistake! Now she was waiting for being executed.

'Darling, darling... Don’t worry. I don’t want you to be fired,’ Mr Nilrem told her suddenly, seeing her desperation. ‘Are you so busy? I’ll arrange a free time as long as you can’t even imagine. Dozens of people will care for you and they'll be ready to fulfil any of your wishes in every second of the day and night. And you won’t have to use even your little fingers. You don’t have to speak any damn words, still you're going to be served. Your only one job will be lying and relaxing. No problems, no deadlines, no angry clients. It sounds great, doesn’t it? Darling, wait for Friday the 13th.'

'I don’t understand what you mean, Sir,' she said with wide-opened eyes. The content of Mr Nilrem’s reply was unexpected and incomprehensible, indeed.

'You’ll realise it, I think, Mrs Warden, when the time comes,’ he answered, nearly laughing. ‘Wait for Friday the 13th! I’m terribly sorry, I must leave now, and I have to meet my sister. It’s an exceptionally urgent family business,' Mr Nilrem explained with a weird smile and left the room, leaving his cigar still smoking under the green leaves of a flower in the plant pot.

As if she had been struck by a lightning, Julie wasn’t able to stand up even to say him good-bye. Frozen, she just remained sitting in her chair. She was convinced that she would have to find another job. She could almost see the end of her successful but very short career. However, instead of getting unemployed, she was offered a what...?

The door opened silently. A young girl named Samantha entered the room, asking her boss:
'What happened? I’ve just seen Mr Nilrem leaving. I was sure we'd be killed.'

'He doesn’t want us to be killed. Nor being fired,’ Julie replied with a trembling voice for the junior assistant.

'So..?' she asked curiously.

'It has no sense. It seems that Mr Nilrem offered me a luxury holiday,’ Julie said, began being happy as she couldn’t comprehend how lucky she was.

to be continued

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Story summary: Having made a millon-dollar mistake, the young attorney Julie Warden is cursed. Her Friday the 13th is full of an accident series. After every mishap her plaster casts get bigger and bigger. And there's so much time to Midnight. Gallery folder of this story

Table of content: Part 1: story, Part 2: story, Part 3: accident, Part 4: accident, Part 5: accident, Part 6: cast, Part 7: cast, accident, Part 8: cast, Part 9: cast, accident, Part 10: cast, Part 11: accident, Part 12: story, Part 13: cast, Part 14: cast, Part 15: cast

A reader's view:
"This story is seriously awesome!! loved reading it! Nice work!" (comment by clairebroke)

Personal note
this was my very first story. Some kind of black comedy inspired by the fascinating stories of (Unfortunately this site was shut down a couple of years ago.) Being a first story, it's written in a clumsy style, so please, concentrate not on the style but its content only (and, of course, on the plaster casts)!

Stories of this series: Day 1 --> Day 2 --> Day 3 --> Day 4

Acknowledgement: I'd like to thank Sharkycast for his kind help as he spent his precious time to correct my mistakes (of the original version)

Know more about all my stories
: A Guide To My Stories
P.S.1.: I'm not a native English, so if you find any mistakes in the text of the stories, please feel free to mention here or to send me a private Note. Thanks.
P.S.2.: I would be very grateful, if you would find inspirations in my stories to create a picture or to draw illustrations for me.

P.S.3.: Please let me know what you think about the story. Write a comment or leave your review here. I need your feedback. This is my fuel.

Stats: length: 968 words, estimated reading time: 3 min 52 sec.
Last modified: 22 December, 2015
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QUIXOTE008 Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2014
maybe they can not end the curse, but can changeit to other, such as Samantha?
EverildWolfden Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
A couple of grammatical errors, but nothing too serious. I like the story, I'm intrigued to find out what will happen next!
aliencaster Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Oh, I'm sorry :-(

I've sent it to Sharkycast and he's written to me that he read and corrected it. I hope I haven't uploaded the uncorrected version :-)
EverildWolfden Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
It's not a problem! I know English isn't your first language, and you write very well. Like I said, it was only a couple of minor points.
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