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Nothing to see here! Move along! Move along!=P (Razz) :) (Smile) 
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I can't adequately describe just how happy this makes me! :D
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This is the first time I've seen living beings in a Kinkade picture. I guess they won't be for long.

Kinkade never has any living thing in his pictures -- no people or animals. All the pictures glow and are empty of life as if a neutron bomb went off.

Live long and prosper. Damn. Wrong geek show. Sorry.
I would really love a large (16 x 20) print of this. It is so brilliant on so many levels. If you begin to sell prints, I would love to buy this one. You are very clever.
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My dear mom recently passed and has left a size able collection of Kinkades. I greatly appreciate your insight into how to deal with them.
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Please let me know when you are able to do prints. I would so love some of these for myself. Beautiful work indeed.

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This is wonderful! We'd love to buy one or more prints...if you have a mailing list, please add me.
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I love it! I love it!
This is amazing. I need to buy this in print. Please, make it happen. Seriously, take my money.
Fu××××g €○●[!
Great picture. If they ever become available in a print I'm all over that. Makes
Me actually like a Kinkade picture.
Love these pictures. i would so hang this one over the mantle in the living room. Are you going to sell the prints ?
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These make me happy somehow.  :D
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How have ALL of these not received more attention!? I know you can't, but I so badly wish I could get a little 8x10" of some of these for a guest room. =P
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I'll look into it and post what I find.
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So, are/are not for sale? Sooooo hoping the answer is yes!!!!! Our home needs these!!!!! 😁😍
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Please do. These works are awesome!
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Very impressive! Have you considered adding smoldering Owen and Beru skeletons?
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hahahahah fabulous :D
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