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This is gorgeous and now my current background. Thank you for creating and sharing.  Love the juxtaposition.
I would love to purchase this in a nice size print for the house.  this is awesome!
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Love these enhancements!! :happybounce: Clap 
Dkundzinsh's avatar
have you sent the original artist an offer to sell these as prints and offer him 50% of the profits? good money could be made and star wars fans would be very happy, myself included.
art3mls's avatar
im fapping to this
Since you have given us the downlaod of the file, are you giving people permission to print this out at kinkos and make our own prints?  If not, I would so love to give you money for these.  Oh, I was planning on adding your name to the Matte.  This is freaking fantastic.
bungala-wombat's avatar
You know - this is like Lord of the Rings meets Star Wars or the Empire comes to Hobbiton.  Brilliant.
I want this print so badly it isn't even funny...please, please offer it as a print soon!!!!
Chibidrow's avatar

The absolute beauty of these pictures....



TheChaosDice's avatar
Please tell us you will be offering these as prints at some point???
Nils-Iver's avatar
I reeeally like that house! :)
SynCallio's avatar
I think this is my favorite of the series.
sikozu's avatar
where can people go to buy?
I made an account to tell you I am standing in the wings to buy prints for friends for xmas should this happen.
shadablade's avatar
Fantastic work!

Hi there, I'm a law student in Sacramento, CA. We actually discussed your prints in class today in determining whether or not they would count as fair use. P.S. Love Your Work!!!
SteevDragon's avatar
I love it! I'd love it more if that star destroyer was shooting laser blasts at it! This is great!

damianfitz's avatar
these are truly brilliant!  proof that you can make a silk purse from a sow's ear.  keep up the fantastic work!
LordAtomosk's avatar
Please tell me I can buy this and frame it on my wall. Because regular art just wouldn't cut it for me.
singularitycomplex's avatar
It doesn't even matter that this is specifically Star Wars mashed up with a Thomas Kinkade painting, the very fact that it's a fusion of overly Science-Fiction and storybook Fantasy themes makes this truly amazing on so many levels.
damianfitz's avatar
i agree with singularity - you have hit upon an exciting new genre.
I soooooo want a print of this!!!!! Please let me know if you can make this happen!!!
DarthPraxus's avatar
Please make prints of these! :D
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