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Only one word, awesome!

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Is there a way to get a higher resolution version of this one like the others? Sadly, the detail gets lots when I try to zoom it.
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"Maybe that's where the stormtroopers live, and they just park their AT-ATs?" suggests my friend.
But like seriously how do we order a print.
Gods I want this! The wife is even going to let me hang this in the living room. I'd love to buy a print.
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Fantastic. Love it! :D
Is there any word on getting some higher resolution images for download? 
47X's avatar
I'd buy this if it was possible.
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Again, a pointless alteration of Kinkade's art
I want to buy prints.  :)

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"The Empire that stole Christmas" is what ran through my mind even though there is no snow in the picture or christmasy stuff. Sorry.
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Jason in Oregon

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This is one of the greatest things I've ever seen.
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YOU ROCK Roland.....FINALLY someone speaks my voice about Thomas Kinkade paintings!!!
Love to have this in my entryway. Looks like a beautiful Kincade, so serene, a welcome into our blissful home in our small mega-religious American-Church Kansas town of 500 ppl. Imagine, those hoity-toity ladies walk up to admire my "original" and then bam! Oh please sell prints??!!
This is the first time I've become aware of your art. I see that it's classified as digital; is this something you did in Photoshop, or do you use another technique? Thank you for the creative way of making this statement and giving me a laugh in the process.
It's that quiet calm before all hell breaks loose image that I enjoy.
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I love your paintings but there's something goofy going on along the right edge.
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I didn't realize Kinkade was so disliked... But this is still a sweet parody. I love it!
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It's perfect! It's everything I love about star wars and everything I despise in Kinkaide's "art"! I had wanted to do something like this; you know burn a cottage, blow up one of those insipid bridges! But this is my dream and more come true! I only wish you could have done this to a real Kindaide! It's amazing! More MORE!
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Just found my new laptop wallpaper!!
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This is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. *wipes away a tear*
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