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This group is open to all those who enjoy creating or viewing originally created alien species and characters! If you have crafted together a species or character of extraterrestrial form from your imagination, this is the place to go!

Please be sure to read our rules thoroughly before joining! We have restrictions on Too Human/Too Animal/Too Furry designs that should be noted! Fan art is not accepted.

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Watch your step“All that I’m saying,” Supervisor Selanis insisted, “is that I don’t know what father was thinking.”“Just so we’re being clear,” Ventro said, watching the little creature hop along at his feet and worrying, as he often did, over the possibility that a brief lapse of attention on either of their parts could very well end in his needing to pick squashed scraps of tellurian fur from his dactyli. Everyone else was wise enough to keep their distance, but Selanis seemed determined to stay close to him as a matter of principle. “You will all be completely dependent on life support fields or suits the entire time that we’re on planet, and half-blinded besides. But you’re worried about me.”“We won’t be able to use antigrav on the journey from the landing platform to the research station,” Selanis said. She’d raised this concern before. Ventro sighed and shifted their luggage on his back, preparing for the upcoming security check as they neared the end of the docking tunnel. “We won’t have any vehicles big enough for you. No power equipment worth speaking of. What’s the plan if something happens? What if we’re attacked, or — or you twist an ankle. How exactly are we supposed to help you?”“It is literally my job to make sure ‘something’ doesn’t happen. And I don’t have ankles. And I have six legs. It will be fine.”“Aye.” Selanis’ tone was grim. “Four extra chances to misstep.”Ventro felt that this was a blatantly hypocritical lack of faith from someone who insisted on hovering practically underfoot....
Species Profile: The Chara and VaugerKey Features: The Chara and Vauger are entirely separate species that have converged as they have evolved over time. The Chara are effectively asexual beings that can completely reproduce on their own. Their own seminal fluid is stored in their head, which can be dropped into their own womb that is effectively a large sac that droops from the back of their head. There, a near genetic duplicate is created, and it is possible to create multiple children there. However, their method of birth is exclusively based upon their child's weight, which eventually tears the sac off of their head, so if there are multiple children involved they have to make sure they have enough time to develop. Sometimes, people work paid jobs to carry a "pregnant" Chara's sac behind them if they choose. However, more importantly, when the sac is torn off, the parents' brain is pulled out with it, killing the parent. This is their most defining trait, since a freshly born Chara is naturally inclined to eat their parent's brain, and they then adapt their parent's memories and traits into their own brain, making them practically identical to their parent in a younger body. Obviously, it takes some time for things to fully settle in a new body, and some memories and traits may be lost in the transaction, but it is generally safe to do so. However, if something happens to the child such that they can't eat their parent's brain, then they don't gain anything and have to be raised like a normal child. This is avoided as much as possible, although other species like the Vauger and Onesis-Meaga have to be raised as normal anyway. Because they can very easily pass their knowledge down the generations, Chara are revered for their intelligence more so than anything else, and to the point where Chara who were not able to eat their parent's brain, called "Ylly," are downtrodden in their society. They actually have 5 brains in total: one in their head, and the rest in each of their lower limbs. Aside from their head brain, they are expected to cover their lower limbs with clothing because showing those parts often is seen as boasting their intelligence. Also, because their neurons rely on electric signals all throughout their body instead of both electric and chemical ones, their skin glows as they think. Chara who possess the knowledge of many past generations glow by default, and Ylly Chara do not glow at all for many generations.Their names are also based on variations of their past names. After a few generations, they might choose to alter one of the parts of their names, so they at least have some connection to their line. Also, if a child is Ylly, that word will be inserted into their name. For example, "Ellesque" gets translated to "Yllyesque." If they do not know who the parents of an Ylly child is, they will be named "Yllyia." Despite being a fully developed species, they aren't actually at the top of the food chain. The Pterotaum, despite still being considered animals and not people, still regularly and specifically hunt Chara to eat them. Chara are usually safe in cities, but since they are so swift in the kill, a lone Chara is basically already dead if alone in Pterotaum territory.The language they use is written in very visually-oriented symbols, where the "letters" frequently represent what the words define. Words like adjectives are represented by little markings attached to the word they alter.Appearance: The Chara are pure white and hairless, and are bipedal with hooves, long necks, and very prominent hip bones as their rib cage is actually located on the lower half of their torso. Also, their lungs are in their thighs, which helps pumping air when they run. Their womb is mostly just round and floppy. Their womb, neck, and lower limbs are all covered in thick veins that protrude their skin. While they cover their lower limbs for reasons mentioned above, they also always cover their neck and womb because they look similar (and partially because it's kind of uncomfortable to look at). They also have a few dark black stripes on their hips and under their eyes. The Vauger are slightly different visually, but function more like an average being with less complex features. Chara are often pretty soft and frail, but Vauger are much more muscular and battle-ready. For one, they have fingernail-like blades that extend from their lower arms. They are very effective for killing, especially when sharpened correctly, but if they ever break off they cannot fully regrow. Usually, if a Vauger is actually intending to fight on the regular, they wear metal gauntlets with similarly styled, but much more effective and durable, metal blades. Apart from that, their jaw is mostly outside of their skin, and is split into two door-like parts that they open to eat and talk. Another major difference is that the Vauger actually need to eat. Due to a thick, nutritious atmosphere, and due to the fact that they eat their parents' highly nutritious brains, the Chara have "unevolved" the ability to process solid food, and solely rely on liquids to survive. The Vauger, of course, do still need to eat, and the actual action is seen as disgusting and socially unacceptable to the Chara (most likely because they are still eaten by the Pterotaum), so they eat in enclosed spaces separate from the Chara. If a Chara is accompanying a Vauger to a restaurant of some kind, there is usually some sort of parlor for them to stay in the meantime. Ultimately, what ties the Vauger to the Chara is that they need the Chara to reproduce. While Chara can reproduce on their own, Vauger do have to have sex with a Chara to create a Vauger child. In the process, both the Chara's and Vauger's fluid is inserted into the womb, meaning both a Chara and Vauger child will be born at the same time. This is most likely why they look so similar despite being separate species.Appearance: The Vauger also have white (non-glowing) skin, hooves, and all. They adapted similar clothing requirements to the Chara due to their prolonged exposure to each other, even though they really don't need to cover anything at all.History: The Charan religion still plays a major role in their society. It revolves around Zeamere O' Zantes, a God of Light who was made entirely of spheres, and who created a primitive, perfect world and universe encased entirely by his light. However, from within the world, a being of darkness accumulated named Atanebra, and once it grew enough it destroyed the planet and attacked Zeamere, encasing him in darkness, preventing his light from shining everywhere. The remains of the planet were said to be the same event as the Big Bang, and most of the features of the universe are explained as weapons in a war between light and darkness. For example, stars are the weapons of Zeamere, and black holes are the weapons of Atanebra. In general, the Chara, being bioluminescent, suggest that they are basically missionaries for Zeamere, and try as much as they can to dispel the darkness during night time and such to help him out. This is why Ylly Chara are seen as lesser in society, since the religious types assume they are corrupted by darkness, as opposed to species like the Vauger which do not make light by default. Early in their civilization, they were fully nomadic, as the day/night cycle of their planet was slow enough that they could permanently reside in the day time if they moved frequently enough. Some different sects criticized those who tried to stay in the day since they thought they were supposed to fight against the night, but either way, once they saw the Onesis-Meaga setting up stationary civilizations, many started living with them and even started building their own stationary settlements, which became the norm, although some still live as nomads. Most importantly in the grand scheme of the universe, the Zenc saw from afar that they were progressing relatively slowly as a civilization, which they assumed was because of them being hunted, and adopting mentalities that made them more passive and acceptant of their current state, making them not long as much for invention. So, they decided to visit them and lend them some of their advanced technology. Aside from the expected backlash, they were accepted pretty wholeheartedly, and became a major part of their society. They even started to use their clothing, which involved dark metal plating and colorful and stylized artificial wool and hair. The metal portions were especially helpful in protecting against the Pterotaum, and since they are actually quite flexible when no pressure is applied to them, were still very comfortable otherwise. The problem was that other species, including some of the Zenc, started to believe that the Zenc influenced them too much, which was slowly erasing their own culture. Because of this debate, they introduced the widespread "Introduction Age" law that required developing species to be left alone until they progress far enough, so they aren't overridden with another species. Once the Gods reappeared in the universe and their religion was dying down, they were shocked to realize that the true God of Light was extremely similar looking to Zeamere O' Zantes. They were then disappointed to realize the true God of Light only based their physical appearance off of the figure, since they don't have defined forms to begin with.Conception: The Chara and Vauger are one of my oldest ideas. The first idea was actually a kind of Pokemon Fanfiction I was thinking about, where the main character, whose name was Chara, was a Lopunny, and her Gallade love interest was named Vauger. I don't remember exactly what the story involving these specific forms was, but I eventually realized it'd be much more fun if I tried telling whatever story I had with my own, original Pokemon species instead. The idea for what I then called the "Shiraph" (mostly derived from "shine," but later realized the modern design could also represent how they have long necks like a Giraffe. I'm also creating a new, more overtly Pokemon-like species named this, where I literally make them a shining giraffe.) The idea to make them shine came from a remix of the final boss theme from Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers: (Link) The remix sounded very light-themed, and I imagined two characters manipulating light as they danced to the song. I later remade these characters into the Shiraph species, which could then also manipulate light like magic. They looked mostly like a Lopunny with a few different traits, like having separate, more cat-like ears over the parts that flopped behind them like a Lopunny's ears, and had white skin with blue fluff and a metal plate on their torso, as well as similarly colored mittens. You can pretty easily tell how the Chara were influenced by Lopunny if you put the two side by side, even with the modern design. I only remember a later version of the Pokemon version of the Vauger, but they did at least have the arm blades like Gallade, even though they resemble a Zangoose a lot more as they went on… Anyway, the story for the new version of all this involved three Dark beings, one of which was the early version of both the character of Pterotaum and the Pterotaum species, and another being an early form of The Gaseous Beast and the Muteox species. The third was some strange bag-monster made of patchwork, and had multiple toothy mouths. Anyway, the trio attacked the main Shiraph's village, still named Chara, and she then got together with the Poke-Vauger still named Vauger to defeat them. It was a pretty basic idea, and the Vauger character was super superficial, only existing as a hot, edgy love interest for Chara. There were other characters of course, another being this little rat guy with an afro and sunglasses who was supposed to be more like a comic relief sidekick to them, which eventually, through LOTS of redesigning, became the Zenc. After I realized that story kinda sucked, I thought it'd be much more fun and more universally appealing to make these Pokemon full alien species. The first iteration of the Chara species ended up being super goat-like, and the Vauger looked somewhat mole-like, but thankfully I backpedaled on that and made them look cute/cool respectively again. However, I thought that that specific Chara design looked TOO cute, and not necessarily alien enough, so I redesigned them again to look more interesting. The Vauger just followed suit, since I was much more satisfied with them, and just needed to match their proportions a bit more. In general, it does seem pretty obvious that the Chara and Vauger are meant to seem like females and males of the same species, even though they literally aren't, with the Chara being more feminine and frail and the Vauger being more masculine and battle-ready, even though it would then make their society generally a Matriarchy. It wasn't entirely intentional aside from the species being based off of gendered characters, but I can at least use it for symbolism in the story focusing around Yllyia.
Zigriel's Testament. Chapter VI.Chapter VI – “Apotheosis”& 6.1Light.The light whirled around for a long time.And C'Ran No-Tar – the seeker of answers – swept decisively through its dazzling veil.Thick, almost liquid, it entwined her, hiding everything behind – colors, shapes, and even time itself were seemingly absorbed by it. Although some vague images still broke through the curtain.Old, abandoned buildings.Empty, deserted halls.Orphaned relics forsaken by all for a very long time.And the long-awaited Answer – right at the very core.~ ~ ~When the light died down, C'Ran was standing in a middle of a square.A wide, empty square, covered lavishly in shimmering fractals and columns – placed in an utterly chaotic, but surprisingly harmonious patterns! It was all carved of black marble, and the tiny blue inclusions on its surface emitted a pleasant azure glow.A black dome above was dotted with white lights, creating the illusion of sky, with the shining crystal lantern right in its center symbolizing the celestial body. Although its light had long faded, plunging the hollow below into the eternal twilights.And slowly walking to the very edge of the platform, C'Ran finally saw how grandiose the Grand Archives were in truth!For from all the edges, the central square was abruptly cut off with the steep slopes – providing the magnificent view on the literal kilometers of an endless, silvery sea.Boundless expanses of reflective, mercury-like fluid were stretching into a distance, converging with the dome somewhere far away. And countless isles and towers were rising from under its surface, shining with their blue lights, spires and the intricate webs of bridges. Once upon a time, these mighty vaults were full of untold knowledge – ancient chronicles, works of scholars, fabled legends. But that was all in the past – for now, they have all been empty for a long, long time…And then, the heart-shaped entity suddenly soared from behind the sheer cliff.And waving one of its thin, dangling vessels, it stated:"Let’s go."Hearing this, C'Ran took a couple of hesitant steps toward the cliff. But this uncertainty was quickly dispelled, for as soon as she approached the edge, a staircase of gray runic stones immediately started to form right under her feet.And it was leading downward – to the coastline right at the base of a slope."You are seeking the answers, didn't you?" the creature asked."Kinda", C'Ran shrugged off. "But to be honest, most of the answers are already found. So now, I’m quite more concerned about something different. The fate of this very world!""Yes, I can see what you mean. I thought the same when I woke up. However, after gaining the full access to the Archives data, I have realized that at least one question still remains! The final element of all the mosaic that managed to form around the center of the world over these past eons! Firstly, it must be uncovered – and only then the world’s destine can be revealed!"And so, having traversed the last stair, the traveler stepped onto the surface of the ash-gray, silvery sand, strewing the coastline of the mercurial sea.And stretching their vein forward, her Guide pointed to a wide cavern, stretching into the depth of the slope. Its opening gaped before them about twenty steps away, partially obscured by a large hill of sand. And from inside of it – a soft blue glow, so specific to this place, was flowing."Here", Guide said.And in a slow pace, both of them approached the cave, bypassing dozens of tilted obelisks and boulders that dotted almost the entire coast. And as soon as they climbed over the hill – the source of this light appeared fight before them. A truly mesmerizing sight!It was a river.A small river made entirely of azure, crystal clear luminescent liquid.Beginning somewhere in the depths of the cave, it gracefully meandered between stone rapids and rocks, fell staring into a mercury sea – and split into dozens of branching blue streams that dispersed across the shiny surface.The bottom of it – like the inside of a geode – was covered with countless azure minerals, and hundreds of small blue lights were circling above it, like the ghostly fireflies."This liquid, when solidified, can form crystals capable of storing information", Guide pointed out. "Once upon a time, it was they that contained the secrets of in this wondrous place. However, the ritual that gave birth to Atheus melted them all – so now this wondrous place is useless. Or, should I say… almost useless!"And with these words, the heart-shaped being flied towards the grotto – and with a slight wave of the vessel told C’Ran to follow them inside.~ ~ ~Wandering through the cave, these two guests contemplated the countless pictures engraved in the stone vaults.Pictures of the colossal Stellar Ark, rushing from the far edge of the Assembly forward – to its very core!Pictures of tall, many-armed creatures with wide wings and six eyes, leaning before the gargantuan Machine!Pictures of the monumental Network’s servers, hanging over the cheering crowds of motley creatures from the distant realms!And finally, carved in a completely different style – a picture of a certain winged being with one eye, raising its massive pincers and tentacles toward the sky – and praising the appearance of a Holy Sigil! The symbol marked the coming of the New Era. The era that shouldn't have been ever begun…"This!" Guide said.And flying a little to the side, they pointed to the pedestal, visible at the very end of the cave. End, which – upon inspection – was noticeably wider than the rest of a passage. It gave the impression of a small hall – with the pedestal standing right in the center. In a way, it even resembled a kind of an altar.And final, triumphantly, with a cautious and slow gait, C'Ran approached the cherished monument. The cradle of a long awaited Answer!And bending over it, she saw it!With every single one of her eyes…~ ~ ~And one must say, the answer was pretty small.Slightly larger than the palm, to be more precise. Its shape was slightly elongated – somewhat resembling a seed of an egg – and the patterns of dark blue dots were flowing over its matte black surface, reminiscent of a starry sky in a quiet night."Um, okay. So… what is that thing?" C'Ran asked with a slight confusion."This is the core of the Gatekeeper. Or rather, it is what remained on it.""Gatekeeper? Like, the one that I’m thinking about?""Yes, exactly that one. As soon as they saw Rethrionn, they immediately understood what would happen if the seeker discovers the truth. Realized how many troubles someone with such an overblown ego could cause by taking over the remains of a deity – and so they didn’t let them in, continuing to fulfill their sacred duty.""But Rethrionn got inside anyway?""Yes. And to prevent the impending disaster, the Gatekeeper decided to take the last resort, not so different from the one taken by their own creator. An ultimate self-sacrifice! And so as you see, the Gatekeeper is no longer – but instead, there is this relic! However, what exactly this relic does, you – should I say – may not find very satisfying…""It doesn’t matter! We came here for the truth, don’t you remember? So come on! Tell me everything about it without caring for my feelings or beliefs!"And in a rolling up their single eye regrettable manner, the Guide dutifully announced:"This is a second “Intermedium”."~ ~ ~"Um… yeah. Wait, what?!""Yes, exactly. An Intermedium – the same as the one created by Rethrionn, or perhaps even more perfect! So as you see, the situation is rather unfortunate. We have come all the way here in order to stop Rethrionn from taking the remains – but it turns out that the only way to prevent it from happening is to take them ourselves!""But it sounds so… wrong!" C’Ran answered."Yes, I understand. But look on this the other way. You and I know what a real ruler must be, do you remember! The mentor! The one others should strive for! We are still true to the teachings of the Founders, so maybe – we shall make it after all? Make a version of Atheus that would please every single one in this damned universe! Although… would it make us any different from our foe?"C'Ran kept silent.An oppressive tension hung in air. And carefully picking up the relic from the altar, she gazed with a thoughtful look upon its stellar overflows."hat’s a tough question… – she said, without looking away. – I think we should discuss it with someone a bit more competent then us. At least with Swerglum, for a start…""Um… whom?""Ah, yeah, of course – you was still unborn as we met. They are… well, let me better show them to you than tell."And with these words, C'Ran pulled an ornate pendant with an arcane symbol – the emblem of the Train God – from her belt. And putting the tip of the claw on its surface, she whispered a few unintelligible words.A muffled click had erupted.Then – the lingering rumble.And absolutely nothing more!"Ah, yes!" the Guide suddenly startled. "This Archives are protected by a field that prevents any wormhole formations. But if you're going to get us out of here, I could turn it off for a second. Is it worth it?""Yeah, let's quickly try", C’Ran waved her hand, still pondering over the findings.And nodding in understanding, the heart-shaped creature stretched a few arteries towards the altar. With the thinnest capillaries, they branched over its surface – and with invisible fibers pierced somewhere deep inside! To the vital systems of a building itself.There was a thin noise, indicating the successful field shutdown.But then – something had suddenly flinched…And the very fabric of space itself had suddenly fluttered above the pedestal!As if something fierce and unstoppable, scraping here incessantly for a long time, finally smelled the long-awaited weakness!And with desperate terror realizing what was just done, both C'Ran and the Guide began to silently behold how a gaping tear in a very space began to rapidly burst right before their eyes…& 6.2First, the invisible force of a tear snatched the Guide – pulling them somewhere into the realms beyond!Then in a single blow it disarmed the traveler, devouring all the ammunition and throwing her to the ground. A feeling was far from pleasant – as her bones had not yet completely regenerated from a kilometer-long fall…And only then – convinced of their reliable safety – a strange figure had slowly emerged from the undulating gap.Its body was all obscured, hidden behind a scarlet robe.The only parts visible were the crimson tentacles, seen under hem in a place of legs. The head was absent – for instead of it, there were also tentacles! Holding, however, some kind of a bone mask with a singular eye in a center – although such falsity made their appearance even more threatening in some unusual way…And stretching its arm from under the mantle – skeletal and jointed – the creature uttered:"Yes, yes! Exactly what I was thinking! Thank you for helping with the gate, lady!"The voice sounded particularly strange and uneven – but the manner of speech was surprisingly calm. Even somewhat… friendly…"You! You’re… you’re them, right?" C'Ran asked a shaky voice."Rethrionn? Yes, it's me, if that's what you mean", the creature shrugged its shoulders."So… so you want to get the second relic, aren’t you? To surely and certainly make your way to your cherished god-hole, yeah?""Huh, how smart of you, lady…"Retrionn chuckled. Or, rather, the fragments of their mask rearranged with a crackle, roughly mimicking a smile. Which – due to the lack of any mouth or brows – turned out completely unconvincing."…and now please – let me take this relic peacefully. For your own good! For the good of all of us! I do not want to fight for it, unless there is no other choice."And clutching the Intermedium to her chest, C'Ran took a few careful steps backward:"First, tell me what your sick plan really is!""Oh, there’s no need to ask such redundant questions. I can see in your eyes that you have already understood it all perfectly clear. A long time ago, an ancient scholar tried to improve the world, but made one huge, terrible mistake on the way. Misinterpreted their final goal…""Yeah…""But here and now, with the help of this thing, I – or maybe even we – can finally fix it! Finish what was started, you know! And make the world what it really deserved to be all along!""But what if we won’t?""Um… can you clarify?""What if we’ll fail? And the new world – the way you see it – will only turn out to be worse? What then?""Oh. Undoubtedly, there is always a risk. But what are your alternatives? Just sit in a corner and renounce any attempts to change anything? But what about progress? Prosperity? Was it not about them that the Founders told so zealously to our predecessors?!""Yes, that's right. We must progress! But this your order – is it a progress? For if you really believed in it, you wouldn’t design a world where everyone’s destiny is dictated by one being! Where all of us are merely someone’s pawns! You may pretend that your god will be different, but it still gonna be one guy at the top, everyone else at the bottom – and no matter how you try, you wouldn’t change that fact! And this will be no progress – only stagnation!""The stagnation is what we have now! And not for a year or two – but the entire billion! Or can't you see? So look! The Capital has turned into a trash heap! The once great lands are devastated! Mighty peoples had long fell and now worship some outright ridicules! It all had begun since the end of the war, and with each millennium – it only gets worse! Understand me, this world begs for a new ruler!""But the ruler shouldn’t be that.""Then I’ll ask it again – what are your alternatives?!""I… I don’t know!""Well. Then, I suppose, this conversation is no longer worth continuing. Alas. I tried to be peaceful."And at the very same moment, the invisible force of a tear grabbed C'Ran, swiftly nailing her to the nearest wall in a crucified pose. And Rethrionn, having thrown off their mantle, slowly and surely began to slither towards the ill-fated altar.And one must say – under the mantle, their appearance was even more bizarre.The chest was a lump of pinkish flesh framed by six massive ribs. Waist was nothing but a bare spine. Four bony "wings" grew from behind the shoulders – a distantly resembling those of the dloraspilians. And four long arms stretched from behind the back – so long that each of them had no less than three elbows in it.In short, it was very clear that Cribros Axian approached their creation with a good taste!And so – raising one of these long, multi-jointed arms over the fallen relic – Rethrionn laid their clawed fingers upon it.And thousands of invisible strings pierced through their body in an instant!Stretching somewhere above!~ ~ ~With an infernal rumble, the mountain began to shake and crumble!The gigantic dome split open, shattering the crystal lantern! And the peaked towers of Diss – hanging over it – began to slowly crack and collapse! And the pale-faced moon – silently looking at all this from its gloomy firmament – crawled away in a smooth motion, revealing a pitch-black hole behind.A gaping, god-shaped hole in a midst of heavens themselves!And grabbing the Intermedium even stronger, Rethrionn triumphantly lifted all their limbs toward it – all eight of them – and the very space around them started to distort!Thick, black, almost liquid darkness suddenly seeped in!And weaving itself around them – Rethronn the Seeker and C'Ran No-Tar alike – it began to twist itself into a raging vortex! An unspeakable whirlwind! A black tunnel, leading straight to the glimmers of alluring shine. And somewhere in the distance – against the background of boundless, bluish overflows – a small, but also such a bright white spot began to dwindle!But then, suddenly – a strange feeling suddenly swept over the wanderer.And turning her gaze upward, she suddenly felt something oddly familiar in this white light. Something she has seen before.Something bright and luminous hanging in the middle of dark, night skies.And only then, it dawned on her!And glancing at Rethrionn from under her brows, she – with a slight, but still noticeable gloating – had quietly whispered:"Oh… you know. Maybe you were right. Perhaps, I just hate all gods for no reason…"Rethrionn look at her side, slightly raising a singular eyebrow."…but at least, I don’t despise trains anymore!"And only at that moment, the seeker had suddenly realized!That during all that tirades, all that pretentious talking – the field was remaining off!And desperately rushing toward the altar, they plunged their claws in it in an attempt to reload the protection – but it was already too late, for the rumble of metal wheels was already heard in a distance!And mere moments after – the piercing hum and thunder had followed!As a long metallic leviathan had broken through the walls of the vault, exhaling the clouds of black steam from its roaring pipes!And trembling from the might of its blazing engines, the already crumbing massif had finally collapsed!& 6.3When C'Ran regained her consciousness, there was no longer any Rethrionn nearby.And there were no archives either.And slowly rising on her elbows from a hard horizontal surface, she was surprised to find herself in a carriage once again. Not a compartment one this time, however. Just a simple car with two rows of seats.The signs of corruption were gone.The lamps shone smoothly, as they should.The muffled clatter of wheels was coming from behind the walls. The black abyss flashed past the windows. And at the one particular window in a front – leaning thoughtfully on the sill and curiously looking at relic – a suspiciously familiar long-armed and long-necked fellow was standing.And it's not like C'Ran knew how to properly distinguish Dloraspilians from each other – but at that very moment she, undoubtedly, recognized them as the familiar priest. Swerglum Centratus. That was their name."I… offer my deepest apologies", they said suddenly, without changing a posture. Only a head on a long neck lifted slightly, turning towards the companion."Apologies?""Yes. That our hopes and my promises turned out to be… a slightly different from what you would prefer. And also for all the inconveniences that arose during the trip. We tried to prevent them – but it looks like something went wrong anyway. Oh, what a shame.""Oh, come on. Don't blame yourself like that. None of us knew what lay beyond that gate. And for the train corruption, I doubt we could foresee that Retrionne had it…""Heh, well… they didn’t.""Ah?""In truth, Rethrionn didn’t try to block the path for you. You see, all the keys that they made were rejected by the gate, so they decided to wait for someone who would finally succeed. The Guardian Yojin was more of a test than an obstacle; the horde just sought you as a nice target to hunt, and the “corruption” you’re speaking about… was actually casted by our own King!"And chuckling in surprise, C'Ran slowly walked toward Swerglum:"Casted it to make sure that this “someone” would never come, right?" she asked."Exactly. When it all began, our King was wise enough to recognize the threat, but not brave enough to face it! Their determination was only sufficient to isolate the city. With a desperate hope that if the problem is enclosed, then it will somehow resolve by itself. Oh, what a naivety…""Yeah. Quite a naive one…"And leaning on the handrail, C'Ran thoughtfully looked into a distance.Only a barren, shadow- shrouded valley was gleaming outside, just as before. However, this time – something huge and bright was shining far away, dispelling its previously pitch-black darkness! As if gigantic solar halo of the purest azure light was casted over half of these black, otherwise lightless skies – and illuminated the other half with its strange, shimmery blue rays!"So, this is how it looks like?" the six-eyed pointed out. "The “Shining” thing…"Dloraspillian silently nodded."Okay. And listen – after all that happened, can I ask you one more immodest question?""Well, you can try", Swerglum replied somewhat confused."So… you see. When we finally met with that Rethrionn guy in the Archives, they say that they don’t want to fight. Their yojin goons, as far as I understood, joined them of their own will. And now you’re telling me that the corruption wasn’t their fault either?""Yeah. So, what’s a question?""Well, you see – all this time I used to think that they were our adversary. But now, I… don't really know anymore. Like, maybe… maybe they weren’t that much of a villain all along?"Sweglum raised their head in a surprise.But almost immediately lowered it back, issuing a quiet, slightly muffled laugh from their facial hole:"Well, I never said they were. I stated it from the very beginning – Rethronn is not evil. They just… came to the wrong conclusions. Wrong conclusions… in regards to gods!""So what are the correct conclusions then? I tried to reason with them – but now I don't even know whether I was right back there…""The correct conclusions, my friend, are that gods are not!"And with a loud echo, these words swept across the cars.And looking closely at C'Ran's – so closely that four small eyes at the bottom of their face became visible – the dloraspilian continued:"From the beginning of times, we used to believe in higher powers governing our fates! Distant and uncontrollable figures. Gods. But in truth, there are no gods! And they never were. There were forces and things much older and more powerful than us, of course, and if someone wants to grovel below them – they can! We will not interfere. But let they know that there are the others! Those who wish to approach the heights rather the tremble before them! Those who believe in the might of reason and passionately desire to achieve what was once seen as divine. And this will, this determination, no one will ever dare to take from them – from us – away! In other words…"Shwerglum paused briefly, and then said:"“All of us have right to right apotheosis!” And these words, my friend – that was the message left by the Founders in a front of their abandoned throne!"~ ~ ~"So can you see now?" the priest asked. "What was the mistake all along? Having created for us such a “god”, before whose greatness we should have trembled, Rethrionn would cut off the path for us to achieve our own greatness! Yes, this world undoubtedly needs new rulers. But these rulers… we must become ourselves!""But what exactly do you propose to do?!""Oh, this is a long and difficult path that cannot be summarized in one sentence. But I can definitely say how this path can be started right now!""And how?"And bowing their head over C'Ran, the dloraspilian replied:"We must rip the Shining out of its nest! And to return what our predecessors carefully collected in their Archives billion years ago back to the people!""But… how exactly?""Well, look!"And stretching their long arm with a clamped Intermedium forward, Swerglum uttered:"This device was created to act as a connector between a corporeal being and the remains of Atheus! However, with the proper skill, this process can actually be reversed!""And pour the Atheus’ essence into someone's body?! But that’s indene! No living being can hold such immense power within! Not even the other “gods”, I bet.""Yes, none of the living right now. However, this does not mean that we are not able to create something that would?""Well, theoretically. But I don’t think it’s achievable in practice!""And on this issue, my friend, we have to finally meet with our organizer!"And rising up their opposite hand, the dloraspilian snapped its seven clawed fingers. Somewhere in the distance, the sound of a disconnected hinge erupted. And the car, having detached itself from the rest of the train, began to rapidly descend in an unknown direction…~ ~ ~As a fiery meteorite, the carriage cut through the dark blue skies, crashing straight into the snow-covered valley. Raising an impressive snow column as it landed.But after a few moments, the white curtain had settled – and feeling it, the car, lying at the bottom of the crater, opened its sliding doors.With a slow step, C'Ran and Swerglum went outside. The blue morning sky was sparkling with auroras and stars, intertwined by the stripes of light. And rare snowflakes flew in the gusts of cold wind.But then right in a front – at the very edge of the newly-farmed crater – the strange figure had silently appeared. Its body was hidden behind a purple robe, engrained with the golden threads, and the face looked like a bone plate with a serrated top – and two narrow, almost vertical blue glowing eyes."C’Ran. Come here", the mysterious stranger said in a resounding, reverberating voice.And looking around apprehensively, C’Ran went forward."Tell me, did my sub-moderator Swerglum already tell you everything?"C'Ran nodded, continuing to approach."Great. Then, I suppose, you perfectly understand why we are all here. A billion years ago, Atheus was conceived in the depths of Creacon! And so to salvage its remains now, we can only do one thing – to harness the creative force that brought it to this world it in a first place once again. We need a Creators’ Machine!""But the Machine is gone! It was destroyed eons ago!""Yes, it’s true. But all things gone can one day come back. The shell of the Machine was almost intact. And the core can be created anew!""Created? But wasn’t it found by the Founders at the world’s heart? A singular and one of a kind relic of genesis?! Or do legends deceive us even this time?"The figure smiles. There was no visible mouth on its face, and it itself was hardly movable – but this grin could still be clearly seen even with the naked eye."Legends tend to deceive. After all, that's why they are called legends, and not facts. Do you want me to tell you how it really was?""Well, surprise me, then! Although after all that happened, I am now unlikely to be surprised at anything…""So listen, then. In the times before creation, the Founders spend eons traveling the world on their Ark, trying to uncover the Greater Truth. And ages of wandering brought them to the core – the true heart of our world, indeed! There, they expected to find something grandiose. A prize that would generously reward their difficult journey. But in the end, they didn’t found anything…"And opening the mantle, the figure turned towards approaching C'Ran. Exposing its intricately ball-jointed, puppet-like body."…at first, they were overwhelmed with great sorrow. But then one of them – Copator Cikronis, the future king of our world – realized the real truth! So hidden, and yet so obvious in retrospect. It’s not the world’s duty to define its inhabitants, but the inhabitants who define their world! And so, having found the sphere as close to the center as possible, the Founders grabbed all the knowledge, all the wisdom they gathered during journey – and erected the Creators’ Machine right in the center of the vacant heart! Building the promised prize by their very own hands! And that means…"The being bent anticipatory over the interlocutor:"…that everyone can create their own Creator’s Machine!"~ ~ ~It was only at that moment that C'Ran realized that creature’s real nature. The glowing eyes, the joints, the lights across its body…It was a drone.A “medium”, as they are usually called.And sharply recoiling, she quickly glanced over the surroundings – for such drones are rarely seen without what’s controls them.And only then she noticed what she managed to ignore during this whole conversation.Namely – four gigantic columns of black metal, weightlessly hovering around the freshly created crater.These were the servers!And slowly turning her gaze to the medium – a marionette controlled through them by the Grand Network itself – she asked:"Are you… really sure?"And the Network replied:"More than sure!"And stretching out its three-fingered, mechanical hand, it proudly pointed to a something looming on the very edge of a horizon.It was a giant, monumental construction, gloriously illuminated by the rays of dawning twin suns. Countless monoliths, pillars, towers and mechanisms made up its titanic shell. Similarly to Diss, this structure was comparable to a mountain. However, in this case, a more appropriate analogy would be a volcano – for at the very top of it, the colossal gaping mouth was blazing with the flames!Although in truth, of course, it was not a mouth at all.It was a furnace!"Well", C'ran said. "If so, then let us begin!"And at that very second, two more mediums appeared from behind the edge of the crater – and one of them, taking the artifact from the Swerglum’s hands, quickly spreading leathery membranes on its elbows, with a single sweep soared into the sky – and swiftly headed towards the gigantic mechanism.Smoothly moving away and waning to the size of a speck, and after a few moments –completely disappearing from a sight.The wanderer and the priest looked at each other in silence.While the remaining mediums just continued to stare at the horizon.And so, small and inconspicuous spot had finally touched the fiery crucible.And gaping, god-shaped hole began to tear open right in the heavens themselves!~ ~ ~Huge, gigantic rupture cut the sky in half, with an indescribable crack sweeping between the rising suns!And raging whirlwind of the blue flames began to appear on the other side!It spun and twisted and raged!But then – it began to descend. Like a mighty tornado reaching to the ground from a thundercloud, this unbridled chthonic mass began to curl into a funnel, rapidly stretching towards the great mechanism!At the same time, something formless and ethereal began to reach back towards it. A kind of golden divine matter, generated by the Machine itself!And so, as soon as these two godly forces converged with each other in the middle of a firmament, spinning in a grotesque dance – the divine matter began to finally take a shape!At first, it was something blurry, unformed.Then – slightly more perceptible and rounded.And only then – something complete. Reminiscent of an amphora. Great, immense vessel, capable of containing the entire god!And so it was that after about a minute, the last grains of the fiery maelstrom finally disappeared into its hidden depths. And the colossal tear – now empty and therefore black – smoothly dispersed across the heavenly canvas. Though, at the very last moment – something small and four-winged managed to fly out of it.And hovering in the air, it looked around the valley with the gaze of its countless white eyes. It hardly understood what was going on right now. So it just silently nodded its fruity head in approval.And the vessel, meanwhile, began to grow pale!Its shade has changed from shiny to matte. The radiance faded. And countless cracks began to creep along its surface – initially just one, but then the second and third…And then – with an unspeakable crash and thunder – it shattered! Disintegrated into the billions and billions of shards!And with a colossal fountain, flickering signs and symbols burst out of it!Scattering across the skies, lit by the warm rays of a twin sunrise!Smoothly settling on the snowy ground! And immediately after– crystallizing!So in a matter of seconds, the entire valley – from the beginning to the very horizon – became dotted with myriads of azure gems, shimmering in a soft morning light.And having moved from their places, all four – the Priest, the Wanderer, the Fallen Angel and the Living Network – descended upon this valley. Contemplating how countless knowledge – gathered by the ancients for the sake of a new, better world – had finally escaped its vicious container after so many years. Returning to their original, untainted form!And picking up handfuls of these shards, the four creatures exchanged the silent glances.Great power, lost in the ages – through their efforts, was finally rediscovered anew!Now, all that remains is to return it to its rightful owners.To walk across the world and present it to people who will finally let the stagnation go – and initiate a completely new, long-awaited era. Like the titan Prometheus from the myths of one old, forgotten, long-extinct race…Truly, there are no gods in this world.And there never was.Only beings endowed with magnificent, extraordinary power.The power that one day – in the coming, unknown eras – we will be able to reach as well!~ ~ ~And the story continued.
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