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This blog is only meant for the ones who have seen him. You have been warned.
These blogs are not for the faint of heart. Stop reading now.
     January 4th 2014
It happened again. The nightmares. He stood there, just.... staring. Sometimes I wonder if he'll move, but he doesn't. Just staring.
I should introduce myself before I tell you who he is. My name is Tamatha Smith. My sister, Lillian Smith, is a paranormal investigator. Her best friend, Jade Holmeth, was her partner. I always wanted to be like them, but their job is too dangerous for a sixteen-year-old. I live in St. Thomas, Canada. But you're not here for that, you're here to know about what haunts me in my dreams.
He doesn't have a name, I'm not even sure if he has an actual gender, but fuck it. I don't care anymore. He never moves, sometimes growls. But that's when it rains. He's tall, white and is faceless, besides the large holes for eyes.
There's yelling downstairs... I'll update when I can....
A soft whisper echoed through the room, the girls froze, as one of the candles went out.
"W-we need to go...." Lillian whispered softly, tears forming in her eyes. Jade looked around, looking for the source of the whisper. She sighed,
"Yeah.... Let's go Lillian and...." Jade broke out in a cold sweat as she saw that.... Thing.... In front of her. It looked like man, but it wasn't. He was tall, pale, claws for fingers. The one detail that will forever haunt her was its eyes.... Or more like the holes for eyes, leaking with black goop.
"Run!" Lillian screamed, but was too late. The beast shoved his claw in Jade's chest, her screams echoing down the halls, then, she goes limp.
Lillian's eyes widen as she screams for her lost friend, then the beast turned and looked at the poor girl. Then everything went black.
Just to say, I think I might do a ask creepypasta and mlp oc's. Any one who cares. My art might also suck but eh