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Newest podcast so far :)

If AlicornRadio has been awesome and you have some bits laying around you can become a patreon... which we will refer to silver and gold royals.…

Slaying something to gift to another can have transformation Results
AlicornRadio would like any artist that is offering commissions to please let us know about this send a e-mail to with any details to verify who you are. Please do not email on behalf of an artist.

Let us know!
AlicornRadio would like to help promote you on our radio! How? with sweepers...

Sweepers in the radio sense is a small commercial for the station itself.... Like

"Hello! I am EthanPow and your listening to AlicornRadio!"

"This is Alicornradio and I am EthanPow!"

Or they can have more details about yourself or promoting contests (will need to be plan ahead of time) or commissions

"Hello everyone, I am (Artist name here) I am doing a contest on deviantart... Check Contests and Info on the main alicorn radio website" (this will need me to be aware and place a page with more details of your contest)

"I have commissions open! my name is (your online name or artist alias) and you can get contest and commissions on the top of the alicorn radio website"

or projects... you are not required to promote alicorn radio in return... sweepers need to be short and sweet... following the G-rating on the radio... You are allowed to get creative with your sweeper. Charities and Projects shouldn't hesitate to contact me at!

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