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Leaving DA After Commissions Are Done?

Journal Entry: Sun Jul 29, 2018, 12:05 AM
hello again everyone! i am close to finishing up one very large plush commission, and i will be finishing the 3 other regular sized ones all from last year. i also have 4 plushies to post today. one of them was finished a year ago, but i never got around to posting, 2 of them were finished last month, and then there's princess cadence who was just finished last week and is for sale now!

after i complete the remaining 4 commissions, i'm considering finally leaving DA. i've been here for 11 years, and it genuinely hasn't been fun or pleasant in at least 10 years. it was kind of only having a positive effect on my life the first year i joined, in 2007. it's at the point where i have to fight myself just to sign on and reload my inbox, i put off uploading stuff for LITERALLY 12 months.

it's not right for me anymore. it was when i was 13 years old, but it quickly became more of a problem than a solution to anything. i'm almost 25 now, and it's very difficult for me to even talk to people on here. there is far too much hatred and judgement, which causes people to fear expressing themselves honestly and completely. it is very toxic, especially to young artists who are trying figure out what type of art speaks to them. and because there are so many teenagers and children, like my age when i joined, it makes it super difficult to price commissions and custom orders properly because of the expectation on here over the last several years that everything should be free or cost 50 DA points. it has caused me to constantly under price everything i do, and accepting offers that i genuinely did not want to do, making me absolutely miserable and avoid working at all. which then makes me feel even worse for sitting around and contemplate suicide. what's crazy is my guilt is so strong i would actually feel guilty for being dead if i would have gone through with it. selling out because of desperation is NEVER the right choice, and this is why i'm moving forward and moving on.

some people can thrive on DA and they do great, and that's awesome for them!! but it's not for me. i'm not sad or angry or emotional about this choice at all, i'm simply looking forward to whatever IS the right place for me to create and express myself.

so just before i seem to disappear forever for seemingly no reason, i wanted to make some kind of post about it. and this isn't happening right this second, again i still have 3 whole plushies to sew, and one large one to finish up. and i wont DEACTIVATE my account, i just won't be posting on here ever again.

in the meantime, my plush commissions are still open, and i will still answer requests for price quotes and such, but i will no longer be taking the time to POST here after i finish my remaining work. i may even stop using Tumblr, but that's a bigger choice for me to make than leaving DA. for now, you can at least guarantee i'll be available on Twitter and Etsy

Thank you to everyone for reading my journal!

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Hello, I am RB! This is my account that is strictly(mostly) for the My Little Pony content that I create. I make plushies, sculptures, customs, draw, animate, and well, I do a little of everything! I hope you enjoy my work, and thank you for taking the time to look at it!

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