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Love is contagious by AlicornAngel-34
Mature content
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Mature content
Nature Idol the AVATARloid :iconalicornangel-34:AlicornAngel-34 7 8
Takafu scolding Kitamura by AlicornAngel-34 Takafu scolding Kitamura :iconalicornangel-34:AlicornAngel-34 11 8
Stupid glitch
When you want to comment all your friends' deviations but then you can't because the website says that it may think it's a spam so you are forced to comment in certain numbers ;-;
:iconalicornangel-34:AlicornAngel-34 1 1
Takafu's face by AlicornAngel-34 Takafu's face :iconalicornangel-34:AlicornAngel-34 11 9 Happy family together by AlicornAngel-34 Happy family together :iconalicornangel-34:AlicornAngel-34 8 15


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Dear all my watchers,

Sorry for my inactivity as I was really occupied with my life.For those who have their birthdays during my absence,I want to say 'happy belated birthday!!!🎉🎊🎈' to you guys.I hope you guys have a happy birthday tdy^^ Also,I would like to share with you updates in my life.I hope you guyd are doing alright btw.

Firstly,partly because of PokemonDutchess ,I started to fall in love with Roselia band dream music and aikatsu music a bit😅 Now,I have one of WIPs of Takafu wearing a Roselia outfit.Don't worry,there is no way I will copy someone's ideas without my permission.My ideas are only based on my inspiration and interests.If I happen to draw something based on others' ideas,I will inform you guys,especially for them.Not to mention I'm growing more fond of nightwish music.

Secondly,due to my personal life,I will be more active in instagram and twitter(I have stated account names in profile) as stated.However,if you have whatsapp,facebook or discord,be sure to tell me as well.

Thirdly,I have been feeling down lately.I may look cheerful but internally,I am screaming for help,hoping that someone will pull me out of my loneliness.I feel much closer towards my CCA mates,IS module friends,and subtribe friends than my course classmates.Because of that,I spend time with myself alone more than last semester.I tried to stay strong but it is too much for me to handle.Probably I need hard approach but I really need someone who assure me that things will be alright but I also don't want to burden anyone with my feelings.

Last but not least,as I said before,I want to say thank you for your friendships and kindness you have given me.Don't worry,Ik I have been trying to stay strong for too long and it's alright if I cry alone.If you want to send me your wishes,please go ahead because I appreciate it so much❤
I love you guys 🤗
PokemonDutchess SayakaIKArclight Sonicfanmaster RaySevenExcaliber Tiruru
Help this friend out!
Love is contagious
Besides her smaller degree of yan(病ん) personality,One of the flaws that Takafu Kounna aka Nature Idol has is that she can be unforgiving to a certain extent,including to herself.While she's usually forgiving and easy-going,especially to her dear ones,she is merciless and brutal towards people who turned many of her chances down and hurted her so badly.This proves that she doesn't let go of her problems so easily,showing her bitter side.However,she can be willing to slowly forgive at times.
Example:When she confronted one of her bullies who wanted to apologise for her past actions of continuously bullying her,she coldly snapped and dismissively chastised her to go away.After received scoldings from Ema and Yusaku,she learnt to slowly forgive her.

As the series goes on,Takafu starts to reveal her inner condescending side to her personality only towards those who treat her badly or not worthy to anyone's respect.For example,bullies and corrupted people in SOL Technologies.
Aqua Angel evolution
During her training with Akari Sakura,her will not to give up has caused her magic Lapis Lazuli jewel to resonate with her power,evolving her into Aqua Moonlit Lapis Angel.Despite the fact that she still lose against Akari Sakura,her friends are proud of her improvement.

It's cute seeing Aqua AngelAqua Moonlit Lapis Angel trying to make her heart.💙💘

What inspires me to have an upgrade in Takafu's water powers:
-In real life,I love gemstones but my favourite jewel is Lapis Lazuli because of its vibrant blue colour and it reminds me of night sky due to its markings.Idk why but this idea just popped out of my head.😅  I thought it suits Aqua Moonlit Lapis Angel very well.

Changes in appearance:
-Her ear accessories.Her pearl studdings are attached to white murex sea shells.
-Her ballerina shoe style.
-Her necklace.She has attached green choker and shark tooth necklace.It has white shells as well.
-Her dress.She no longer has its various forms(but ofc,she's more powerful now!😆) but her ribbon string ends have changed to spike squid ends.Her dress also becomes translucent to opaque from her dress ribbons to her top.Lapis lazuli stars and golden string are arranged in wave motion on her skirt which separates two different colours of her dress.
-Her fins and jellyfish stingers.Despite its looks,Takafu can swim faster than before.
-Orange Coral bracelet on her right wrist.

Other changes in her powers:
-Her water phoenix spirit no longer has its 'underwater' form.
-she has learnt 'siren veil' which is a water-type move.She sings in order to produce a veil around her in order to enhance her defense.A water variant of 'safeguard'.

Disclaimer:Akari Sakura belongs to original creators of Jewelpet Tinkle:Sanrio.Takafu Kounna aka Aqua Moonlit Lapis Angel belongs to me.
From SayakaIKArclight ,
1)Post these rules
2)post 8 facts of your OC
3)tag 8 people

OC:Nightingale Latin(MLP OC)

1. Her nickname is Night.
2. She is Princess Luna and Pipsqueak's daughter and a pegasus.
3. She wields an element of encouragement and hope.
4. Her motif is blue star.
5. She is more tomboyish and rude than Takafu Kounna.
6. Her best friend,Haruko Shizumori,is like opposite of her: polite,ladylike,formal and girly.
7. She is Anzu Masaki's good friend and partner.
8. She is an idol and has a great flair for music.Hence,she can be your reliable and competent music tutor.

I tag PokemonDutchess , AliceKuroCross , Ojamagicc , Tiruru ,and anyone who wants to do the challenge.

Disclaimer:Anzu Masaki belongs to original creators of Yugioh!Duel Monsters:Konami.Princess Luna and Pipsqueak belongs to Hasbro;original creators of MLP Friendship Is Magic.Haruko Shizumori and Takafu Kounna aka Nature Idol belongs to me.Rude or offensive comments will be deleted and you may be reported/blocked.Any acts of plagiarism or stealing other people's artworks will result in warning from me.If you persist such actions,you will be reported or blocked,deactivating your account.


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