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El-ahrairah, prince with a thousand enemies!

The last of that particular set (all sketched over the course of about three days), colored. Also my first submission in the fanart section. :D

Third creature, inspired by Watership Down. Which apparently was my favorite book in grade school. After re-watching the movie this summer, it's a wonder I didn't grow up deranged. Heavy stuff!

Set Sketches: [link]
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When I first saw this I thought: "Hmm... looks like some kind of rodent." And then I read your description and was like "OF COURSE IT´S EL-AHRAIRAH, what else??"

I adore the book, the lore and everything about Watership Down. It´s so down-to-earth and mystical at the same time. I used to watch the kids show when I was little you know, the tame, nice one without any blood. And then I stumbled over the real movie, thinking it was my series, and had nightmares for weeks. ^^° I read the book when I was older and loved it, and also rewatched the movie. It´s just wonderful. Not meant for children, but wonderful.

Great job on that interpretation of the father of all rabbits!
EtherealBlade4's avatar
Awesome rendition. I really love the El ahrairah stories that are told in the book, especially 'the story of the trial of El ahraira'. Would love to see your version of some of the other characters such as Prince Rainbow or the Black Rabbit of Inle :)
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what animal is it, if any? looks like a hare.
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Yes! Exactly what I was going for.
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Mhygod, this is amazing.
if they catch you they will kill you, but first they must catch you.

if thats prey, what do the predators look like ?
They will kill you if they catch you....

But first they must catch you
delete-lover's avatar
Wow, wonderful and very creative depiction of El-ahrairah =) I love how he looks more like a creature, but retains some rabbit-like qualities. And the coloring is just fantastic. <3

Great work!
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A very unique and awesome version of El-ahrairah :). I've never quite seen anything like it, wonderfully done!
Alicique's avatar
Thanks! (Sorry for the late reply. :P)
Oukami-SuGo's avatar
Wow, it's cool! =)
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xXZelzex9808Xx's avatar
Whoa..@.@..So cool!! I love this. So detailed, so carefully made. This is such an awesome art piece. @w@
Also, I love how you made El-ahrairah look. >w<
Alicique's avatar
Thanks, glad you like it!
Empath-L's avatar
Creepy. o_O But AWESOME! Nice work.
TurtleSensei's avatar
Gorgeous! My fiance actually finally got me to read this book last year. I loved it. And this is just breathtaking. it reminds me of old folklore art.
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Ah, I'm glad you enjoyed the book! And thank you. I was very inspired by the opening of the animated version of Watership Down, which might be worth checking out on youtube if you enjoy folklore-type art. 's a well done opening.
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hmm I just may. I've never actually seen the movie. My fiance has. He used to own it but had it stolen while at work (he worked in an Assisted Living Home and he's not sure if a Client or a fellow Care Taker stole it) I do want to see it though. maybe I'll check it out on YouTube!
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this just absolutely blew my mind. not only do I love the movie, but the beginning sequence telling the story of El-ahrairah is some of the most fascinating animation ever created, let alone by Disney. And what an amazingly intimate rendering of him. Detailed but somehow vague, as myths should be.
Alicique's avatar
Watership Down seems to have such a small fan base, so I'm glad to hear such a thing from a fan of the movie. Thank you, I'm pleased you approve of my rendition of him!
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