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:iconaliciane:Aliciane posted a status
Hi everyone. I'm really sorry for the lack of full-fledged finished illustrations these past months... I think it's time I admit to myself that I'm having a huge creative block, and that I have no idea how to overcome it. Please feel free to share if you've ever experienced something similar <3

Devious Comments

Patsa58 Featured By Owner Edited Sep 16, 2017  Student Digital Artist
Imagination comes spontaneous. You can't rush it. Try things you have never done in your life and your imagination will come back. Or just read a book or movie you never seen. Just relax. It will come to you. It's free time to experiment now. Take that chance. Take piece of paper(or sketchbook), listen to good music and start drawing and don't stop until you got it drawed the entire page. ;)
Aliciane Featured By Owner Sep 27, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Yeah, I've allowed myself to stop drawing for a couple of weeks, which I kinda haven't done in years unless forced by external circumstances :XD:
I've done plenty of other things and it reminded myself that I didn't have to be defined solely by art :)
When I got back to it, I started with traditional drawing experiments and that was surprisingly fun ! Now I'm slowly starting doing digital art again ^^
Patsa58 Featured By Owner Sep 27, 2017  Student Digital Artist
Good to hear that. Have fun with it. :D
Yetinia Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2017
The first suggestion that comes to my mind that helps me when I find myself in a creative rut: read.

Pick up a book or new series from a library and when you've finished or have gotten to a scene that you find particularly inspiring, try to illustrate it. It doesn't have to be amazing or something you want to share, it just has to reflect what you've read and mainly capturing fun moments in the story to see how you might approach interpreting the ideas of another and sometimes even forces you to consider studies that you may not have ever considered for your own work (like, I notice you do a lot of fantasy- which is cool... but how would you handle a sci-fi futuristic society, populated by aliens that are truly alien to humans in every way? Or even machines and vehicles?). This helps especially if you pick up something you've never done before and some neat portfolio pieces can come of it, especially in the case of creating faux book covers which seems to be more up your alley.

Can definitely offer multiple suggestions for books on this front from several different genres depending on what you're into. :eager:

Otherwise though... as another has mentioned, experiment with different approaches and styles, try line art, different mediums or abstraction. Another exercise would be to take a cliche idea like Knight /warrior (depicted since the dawn of human history and art) and see how far or how many ways you can push the concept into something novel. 
Takogami Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2017   Digital Artist
I usually get that so what I can suggest is to perhaps go to artstation or pinterest and look for inspirations. Perhaps even going outside if you live by the country helps too. I found that by also starting to do small studies/paintings/sketches it helps rev up the engine? Haha
Aliciane Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I'm still rather comfortable with doing studies, but I have trouble transitioning back to less observational and more imaginative things, like if my imagination had gone dry. I also think that my perfectionism contributes to paralysing me, telling me that whatever I have in my mind is not good enough and/or that I don't have the skills to succeed in painting such an idea >.>"
I think I should do some small and easy imaginative paintings and stop starting challenging painting after challenging painting. I think you're right and probably looking at other people's art might spark some ideas back into my head. I hope so :)
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