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Hi everyone !
As I can't really draw much these days, I propose you a series of journals detailing my process when painting "Into the Woods" :) (Smile)

[Morgan le Fay] Into the Woods by Aliciane


I - Composition
II - Preparation
III - Execution

III - Execution

1. Indoor referencing

At this stage, I will usually direct my efforts toward refining the focal point of the painting first. If that part works, then most of the job is done as the rest of the painting is pretty much just here to support that area :)

So I started by doing a photoshoot with my husband. Usually, I model for my female characters, but at this time, I was heavily pregnant so I had to avoid jumping, and my silhouette wasn't really fit for the job anyway :XD: thankfully I have the most supportive husband, and he agreed to be shot jumping around, wearing silly props and such =p For privacy reasons, I won't be posting any full photograph, but here are some details of the photos we took :

Into the Woods - References Morgan by Aliciane

So, my arms and his legs, basically :) we used a nearby window as our main light source to mimic the painting's lighting scenario. I also own a set of studio lights that I use when I need to setup a more specific light setting. Shooting references always involves a good deal of imagination when it comes to which objects or clothes could serve as placeholders for the real things. I strongly encourage you to have a look at this excellent article on the blog Muddy Colors for some amazing examples of reference setups !
Artist Selfies: Everybody’s Doing It
With all this material, I made a more accurate sketch of Morgan on a new layer on top of my current painting layer. Here is the comparison with my original sketch from imagination :

Into the Woods - Morgan Sketch by Aliciane

I then lowered the opacity of the sketch at about 30% and started to paint the character below the sketch layer, using it as a guide. Then I deactivated that sketch layer to polish it. For this part, I was exceptionally working at 50% zoom because this had to be the most detailed part of the entire painting. Here is a close-up of what she looked like at the previous step vs the finished result; hopefully you will see how the details from the shots above influenced many of the changes and details here !

Into the Woods - Morgan Painting by Aliciane

2. Outdoor referencing

Sometimes the visual information you're looking for just can't be setup inside. I wasn't satisfied with how I initially painted the stream and the small waterfalls. It looked stiff and repetitive, something that tends to happen a lot to me when working from imagination. My brain has a strong tendency to come up with order and regular patterns. It struggles a lot with creating the randomness and unpredictability that characterizes natural and organic shapes.

So we went for a hike in a nearby natural park which featured, guess what, streams and waterfalls ! Thankfully it had rained a couple of days before our hike, so there was a ton of water compared to the previous time I hiked there :D I took a ton of photos and spend a lot of time observing the water flowing. Here are some samples :

Into the Woods - References Waterfalls by Aliciane

And here is the comparison between my first attempt at painting the water vs the finished result. I just wanted to add that with the exception of the focal point, I did all the detailing and the polishing of the other areas of the painting at 33% zoom, so including this one :)

Into the Woods - Waterfalls by Aliciane

I honestly don't really know what else I could be telling you about my process and my methods, but don't hesitate to ask me if you have any question !

Hi everyone !
As I can't really draw much these days, I propose you a series of journals detailing my process when painting "Into the Woods" :) (Smile)

[Morgan le Fay] Into the Woods by Aliciane


I - Composition
II - Preparation
III - Execution

II - Preparation

1. Sketch

Into the Woods - Sketch by Aliciane

This was done mostly from imagination. I wasn't really concerned with the details and the realism at this point. My main goal was to refine the main shapes of my thumbnail. For instance, I tried to make sure that my rocks were of varying sizes, and that everything was flowing in a pleasant way. I also started to establish some very rough indications of light, as seen on the rocks. At this point, my layer stack looked like that :
  • Sketch
  • Greyscale
Basically, that greyscale layer was originally my thumbnail that I enlarged and put at 50% opacity. After that, I painted over it in parallel with drawing the sketch on top.

2. Underpainting

Into the Woods - Underpainting by Aliciane

Before starting to actually paint, I toned my greyscale layer and boosted its contrast. It was done with a combination of levels, colorize and color balance filters. I wanted the value contrast to be strong enough because it actually helps me when I paint in colors. I have a tendency to pick colors that are not light nor dark enough, so when I apply them on an already rather light or dark surface, it makes me realize how shy I've been when picking this color. Hope that makes sense =p

As for the coloring, I've chosen an earthy/sepia main tone because it's a color that will naturally occur in many of that painting's elements such as trunks, dirt, water, rocks... So if some of that color remains visible, it's will actually be a good thing because it won't seem out of place and it will help tie everything together. My current layer stack was :
  • Sketch [50% opacity]
  • Sepia underpainting

3. Rough colors

Let's just address a couple of technical details first. This is a single page illustration for a children's book that will be printed in A4 format, which is 21x29.7 cm. Since I want the painting to be printable at 300 dpi, the full size of my illustration is 2480x3508 px. For every single step in this part, I was working at a 25% zoom, which allowed me to efficiently work on the painting as a whole without getting tempted to add any details too soon.

Into the Woods - Rough colors by Aliciane

So, with my sketch still on top as a guide, I started applying some colors. I took inspiration from the color key I had made for a previous version, which I still liked. Please note how, despite my precautions, I lost a lot of contrast especially in the sky area :XD: that said, I don't think you should use your full value range at this stage because you want to keep some of your lightest lights for small highlights and some of your darkest darks for dark accents and occlusion shadows. My current layer stack was :
  • Sketch [50% opacity]
  • Rough colors
  • Sepia underpainting

4. Cleaning

For the next step, I deactivated my sketch layer and merged my rough colors with my underpainting. I then duplicated it, only to keep a backup in case I messed up everything. And this will basically be my layer strategy from now on : painting on a single layer, but regularly duplicating it before attempting anything major, complicated or that I would be unsure of. So the layer stack would be something like :
  • Sketch [Invisible]
  • Current painting layer
  • Previous painting layer
  • Previous painting layer
  • Rough colors + Underpainting
Also, I would like to add that each of those steps (thumbnail, sketch, underpainting...) are actually saved under different names and are different .kra files (the equivalent of a .psd for Krita :) ). So each time I progress to a different stage, I save my working file under a new name.

Into the Woods - Prerendering by Aliciane

So at this stage, I am still working at 25% zoom, without my sketch layer this time, and my goal is to refine and correct the whole thing before going any further into the details. That includes correcting those contrast issues in the sky, cleaning all the edges that looked ragged and dirty without the sketch, and adding a bit more light and dark areas here and there. If the painting looks good at this stage, I honestly think that 90% of the work is already done, even if nothing is at its finished stage yet :)

Next time I'll talk about the detailing part, with some explanations on the references I took to take several areas to the next level !
Hi everyone !
As I can't really draw much these days, I propose you a series of journals detailing my process when painting "Into the Woods" :)

[Morgan le Fay] Into the Woods by Aliciane


I - Composition
II - Preparation
III - Execution

I - Composition

To give you a bit of context, this image is a single-page illustration for a children's book I'm working on about the Arthurian Legends, entitled "Morgan le Fay". Morgan is actually the little girl featured on this painting, as this takes place at the very beginning of the story, when she was still living in Tintagel with both of her parents ^^

So, as a children's book illustration, there's going to be text added on the image, hence the empty part at the bottom on the final image.

1. First draft - September 2016

Into the Woods - First composition (09-2016) by Aliciane

Huh, where do I start... Well overall this is very messy and unreadable. At the time, I was relying way too much on my references and I slavishly copy-painted elements from various photos I had taken without a lot of thoughts about the composition. As a result, Morgan blends way too much with the background, the values are all over the place (there are tiny bits of light everywhere), the tree on the right is way too detailed and grabs too much attention, and the background awkwardly blends into nothingness near the top where I intended to put the text at the time.

It is cluttered and claustrophobic and I consider this an example of bad composition =p it is also way too detailed for an initial thumbnail. But I didn't know better at the time, and since I had a lot of other paintings ongoing, it simply waited in a folder for a while.

2. Second draft - April 2017

Into the Woods - Second composition (04-2017) by Aliciane

When I went back to this drawing, I decided to kinda scrap out most of my first draft and work more from my imagination. I just kept the pose (but simplified her hair). Overall this is way more readable, with clear blocks of light and dark, and much more representative of how I approach thumbnails and composition nowadays :)

Since I was satisfied enough with it at the time, I took it a couple of steps further in June 2017 by properly sketching Morgan and making a color key. And then it sat there for a while, again, because I was insecure with jumping right into it ^^'

Into the Woods - Sketch (04-2017) by Aliciane Into the Woods - Color Key (06-2017) by Aliciane

3. Third draft - November 2017

Honestly, I still consider my second draft quite good and it could have worked and made an interesting painting. However, for the specific needs of the book, I felt like it didn't really fit the bill. First, I intended to put the text at the bottom this time, yet didn't really planned my composition around it. I simply darkened the bottom of the picture, thinking it would be enough. But when I looked at it with the text on, it felt really squeezed and cluttered, it wasn't breathing enough (does it make sense ? :XD:).

I also wasn't a fan of the giant waterfall I put behind her. This was a remnant of my first draft where there was a tiny waterfall behind the character. Since I wanted the silhouette of Morgan to be really detached from the background this time, I simply made a bigger waterfall :D But this kind of huge waterfalls don't really exist in the forests where the story takes place... It was a bit too much for what was supposed to be a rather ordinary forest location, and it felt like a cheap solution.

I also thought there were problems with the perspective and scale, and that one single tree appearing from the left didn't really sell the forest theme enough. Overall it looked more like a mountainous location than a forest to me. So I went back to the drawing board and made a very, very rough value sketch of what I would change :

Into the Woods - Third composition (11-2017) by Aliciane

This time I used a placeholder for the estimate length of the text =p so, yes it looks kinda sketchy, messy and unfinished, but I had realized at this point that a rough thumbnail did not have to look pretty. I was more thinking of it as notes about the size and placement of the various elements of the painting, hence the flat silhouette for the character for instance. The rest can, and should, wait until you work on more advanced stages. Right now I wanted to freely move, resize, and distort my shapes, think more about their relative sizes, spacing, negative spaces and so on :)

And then... Well it sat there for a while until I had gathered enough courage and motivation to tell myself "Please call this composition good enough and just paint it now !" which will be the subject of the next journals :XD:

Scarred - Network Version by Aliciane

I'm back \o/ And hem, I injured myself with a vegetable peeler and got a nasty cut on the eyebrow... @_@

If you're wondering how the hell does one hurt its eyebrow while peeling a carrot, I actually hurt my thumb and lifted my arm very quickly in reaction, thus hitting my face with my own hand, still holding the peeler. This is how...
I had to go to the hospital and I got a couple of stitches. It will maybe leave me a scar, just above my left eye.

So, sorry for the crappy sketch, that's just me telling myself that at least I'll join a couple of badass characters in the scarred left eye club x)
(Oh, and if you know about other characters, go ahead XD)

Next-week end, I'll be at the artist alley of a Fantasy convention held in Nice, hence the name :D
Since it takes place in France, I assume only French-speaking people will attend, so I'll display the details in French. If you wish to know more though, feel free to ask me !

Nice Fictions - Banner by Aliciane

C'est quoi ?

Nice-Fictions c'est un jeune festival niçois dédié à l'imaginaire sous toutes ses formes. Seront présents de nombreux auteurs, éditeurs, et évidemment illustrateurs. Sont organisées dédicaces, conférences, ateliers, tournois de jeux, expositions...
L'entrée est gratuite, donc si par hasard certains de mes watchers n'habitent pas trop loin, n'hésitez pas à aller y faire un tour et à passer me faire un petit coucou ^^

C'est quand ?
Du 22 au 24 Avril, ce week-end donc, de 10h à 19h :)

C'est où ?
Sur le campus universitaire de Saint-Jean-d'Angely, à Nice. Plus d'infos sur l'accès au festival ici.
Hi there !
Thanks for your feedback on the previous entry. Since the journal format seems to suit the people who commented the first part, I'll stick with it for now :)
The two types of folds I'm gonna talk about today are among the trickiest. Let's see if we can break them down ! :D


I - The Diaper Folds
II - The Zigzag and Spiral Folds

II - The Zigzag Folds

Here is the first drawing I'll talk about :

Zigzag Fold - Final by Aliciane

1. Definition

A zigzag fold is created by bending and/or compressing a cylindrical piece of fabric. It is frequently observed on clothing, especially on sleeves and pants. It gets its name after the zigzag lines visible on the surface of the fabric :

Zigzag Fold - Zigzag by Aliciane

2. Structure

Compared to the diaper folds, one particularity of the zigzag folds is the existence of an inner supporting structure - such as an arm or a leg - underneath the fabric. Since the clothing is supported by a solid form beneath, the gravity does not affect much the formation of those folds. The fabric always rests (more or less) on the supporting cylinder shape it is wrapped around.

The tension points of those kind of folds are located on the ends of the cylinder of fabric as well as on any point where it is bent. On a person, bending usually occur on the joints, therefore such folds can be observed between a shoulder (end point) and an elbow (bending point), the hips and a knee, or even between the knee and the ankle when pants are slightly too long and are compressed right above the foot.

3. Sketching

To draw zigzag folds, I find easier to start by drawing the "eyes" of the folds. What I call eyes are diamond-shaped areas located between the actual "zigzag" lines, such as the ones I've marked in orange here :

Zigzag Fold - Eyes by Aliciane

So, I start by drawing large eyes that I will subdivide later if necessary. Those shapes must follow certain rules to evolve into convincing folds. First, their edges have to be roughly parallel to the edges of the other eyes (see what I marked in blue). The spaces between the eyes will become the zigzag lines. On a very thin fabric, those spaces are narrow, while on a thicker one they are larger.

Zigzag Fold - Schematic by Aliciane

The eyes and the bounding zigzag lines must roughly create a cylindrical shape. This can be reinforced by paying special attention to the edges. By making some of your lines and eyes disappear behind the others, you will show how the fabric in fact wraps around a cylinder. Those overlaps (shown in orange) help to create the illusion of volume early on and will generate much more natural folds :)

Following the same principles, you can easily subdivide your eyes into smaller ones :

Zigzag Fold - Subdivision by Aliciane

4. Shading

For general advice about shading, you can refer to the previous tutorial.

Zigzag Fold - Shading by Aliciane

The eyes can be divided into two opposite "triangular" planes. If the light comes from the top, as it is the case in my example, the top plane is slightly obscured while the bottom one receives the light. The inner spaces / zigzag lines can be treated as cylindrical shapes and shaded with a soft-edged core shadow as the form turns toward the bottom. To summarize, eyes are to be treated as concave and zigzag lines as convex.

You'll also notice that in the end, those two "components" are blending into one another, the bottom plane of an eye being the top plane of a zigzag line. These concepts are here to simplify the early construction and to help you understand the structure of the fold, but they shouldn't be over emphasized in the final rendering and can almost disappear in some places. It all depends on how much the fabric is bend here and there :)

III - The Spiral Folds

Here is the second drawing :

Spiral Fold - Final by Aliciane

The spiral fold is basically an advanced version of a zigzag fold, so most of the stuff still apply. Hence, this part will be much shorter :)
A spiral fold appears when the fabric is compressed even more, for instance when you pull up your sleeves. It gets its name from the spiraling lines caused by the overlapping folds :

Spiral Fold - Pattern by Aliciane

To draw these kind of folds, I recommend to begin by designing a spiraling pattern to serve as a guide. It will divide the cylinder into relatively independent areas, where you can add some eyes and proceed just like you would do for a zigzag fold. The main difference is that the overlapping shapes will cast shadows on the part that lies below, like shown here :

Spiral Fold - Cast Shadows by Aliciane

Notice how the shape of the shadow follows the volume of the surface on which it is cast. This is a general rule of thumb regarding cast shadows : if the real shape of the shadow is too complicated to be solved by mind, don't pay too much attention to the shape that is casting the shadow, but follow carefully the volume of the shape that receives it.

And that would be it ! Hope you'll find some food for thought and that some of it will be useful to you :)
EDIT : This special offer is now closed. You can still commission me, but it will be at full price. Note me or send me an email at if you're interested. If the price I quote you is too expensive for you, you can wait until I can afford to open some new discount slots and try to get one :)

Hello everyone !

I've noticed that I am very close to reach the amazing number of 600 watchers ! I am really grateful for your support, it means a lot to me to see all your faves and to read all your comments. Thank you so much for being awesome :D

Since I have some free time in my schedule, I've decided to open some special commissions slots, cheaper than what I usually charge, but reserved to my watchers. Here is what I am offering up for the moment :

Full body character design

Lines only

Fully painted

[Morgan le Fay] Gorloes of Tintagel by Aliciane  [Morgan le Fay] Morgan of Tintagel by Aliciane  [Morgan le Fay] Ygern of Tintagel by Aliciane

Portraits :

Lines only

Fully painted

Luciana - Commission by Aliciane  Rachel Hurd Wood - Portrait Practice by Aliciane

Finished commissions :

Alcy - Commission by Aliciane  Nalini - Commission by Aliciane

These illustrations are reserved for personal use. It means you are allowed to use them as your avatar, to illustrate your fanfiction, your role-playing game character... They can be posted on your website, on your blog (as long as credit is given), it can be printed and displayed in your room...
The only restriction is that no commercial use is allowed :)

Note me or send me an email at if you're interested or if you want additional information. Don't hesitate to provide as many written information and visual references as possible ! And if you're using email, give me your DeviantArt pseudo so that I can recognize you :D
Hi everyone !
I've wanted to start making tutorials again for a while. However, writing a complete tutorial (and putting it together with a painting software :XD: ) demands me a lot of time... So I've decided to do something simpler by dividing my tutorial ideas into smaller parts and writing them as journals instead :)

The Basic Types of Folds

Almost two years ago, I've published a series of sketches on folds, which were the result of my current studies on the subject. I've recently started to study drapery and fabric again, so I've wanted to share my latest and up-to-date thoughts on this with you ^^

There will also be some general advice and tips on drawing.


I - The Diaper Folds
II - The Zigzag and Spiral Folds

I - The Diaper Folds

Here is the final drawing I will decompose in this tutorial :

Diaper Fold - Final by Aliciane

1. Definition

A diaper fold is created by the slacking of fabric between two points of tension. Schematically, this is what you should have in mind when you start sketching this kind of fold :

Diaper Fold - Schematic by Aliciane

Notice that all main folds radiate from the tension points.
Some parts of the fabric are only connected to one of the points. Because of gravity, they fall straight to the ground and create pipe folds. I won't enter into details about those here, but they are pretty simple, so don't worry too much about them :)
The parts of the fabric which are connected to both tension points bend into diaper folds. The gravity pulls the fabric down, creating a concave upward curve between the two points.

2. General rules for sketching

Now this only gives you a general idea of the position and the direction of the folds. To go one step further, I'll give you some insight about what I think when I sketch folds. These tips are pretty generic, so most of them can in fact be applied to sketching any object.

For me, the aim of a sketch is to establish the structure and to start suggesting the volume of an object. Therefore, I want it to be simple, clear and confident, in order to create a sense of solidity. Here is the sketch I made for this drawing :

Diaper Fold - Sketch by Aliciane

Rule 1 : Keep your strokes simples

Diaper Fold - Sketch (Rule 1) by Aliciane

Ideally, you should mainly use straight lines ('I'), curved lines ('C') and exceptionally something as complex as a 'S' line when needed. Avoid unnecessary convoluted lines; make your strokes fluid, confident, and draw them in a single motion when possible.
Curved lines can be broken down into separate sections if appropriate, like the teal line in my example. But keep in mind that you want to simplify your subject, and avoid being caught by all the tiny bumps or creases there might be. Look for the main shapes.

Rule 2 : Keep your shapes varied

Diaper Fold - Sketch (Rule 2) by Aliciane

Try not to make all your shapes with the same width or the same length. Have short strokes, long strokes, large folds, narrow folds... Using too similar shapes can quickly give an artificial and amateurish look to your drawings. This is also true for clouds, trees, locks of hair...
But you actually don't need to make it excessively varied. Simply thinking of your shapes as either big, medium or small is usually enough to trick the eye into seeing a satisfying and natural amount of diversity :)

Rule 3 : Keep your lines meaningful

Diaper Fold - Sketch (Rule 3) by Aliciane

This is actually the principle that helped me the most for drawing folds. Constructions lines have a meaning and a purpose. They are here to define the contour and the various planes of an object. Therefore, floating lines starting or ending for no reason make no actual sense. It is ambiguous and it will confuse you when it'll come to shading your drawing.

A line can only end (or begin) in one of the following cases : if it is overlapped ('O') by another line, if it merges with another line at a tangent ('T') or if it meets another line at a corner ('C'). You shapes should be closed; an open shape does not make sense in terms of planes and volume.
Lines represent edges. Those edges can present different qualities, from hard to lost, and should ultimately be rendered as such. Usually when we ink a drawing, the softer edges are implied and only the harder edges are represented as lines, as shown here :

Diaper Fold - Inking by Aliciane

But in the earliest stages, I encourage you to mark all the edges as lines, regardless of their quality. It will force you to see those planes and to acknowledge the existence of soft edges and changes of orientation that you would otherwise maybe overlook.

Rule 4 : Keep the folds' directions

Diaper Fold - Sketch (Rule 4) by Aliciane

If you continue the lines which have been interrupted, they should follow the same principles as the visible lines. All the folds should converge toward the tension points, whether you can actually see them or not. Try to see through your drawing and to visualize your lines in their entirety. Do not hesitate to actually draw them if it helps you !

3. General Rules for shading

With a good preliminary sketch, shading (or painting in colors) should be easier. For me it is, and this is why I often spend a good amount of my time planning, drawing, constructing and such. Here are some additional tips to make the transition to values easier :)

Rule 1 : Think about the volume

Diaper Fold - Shading (Rule 1) by Aliciane

Take some time to analyze your drawing and to ask yourself if you can visualize the volumes of the various parts of your drawing. Remember that any complex shape can be regarded as made of basic shapes. In draperies, there rarely is any planar nor spherical surface, so everything can be considered a part of a cylinder or a cone. Don't hesitate to draw cross sections lines, like I did, if it helps you see better. See how the construction lines come in handy to suggest the volume.

Rule 2 : Think about the light source

Decide on the position of your light source and stick with it ! You don't have to be extremely accurate in your shadow placement as long as it seems roughly consistent. Here I imagined my light source would be at the top left of my drawing. Therefore core shadows will mainly be located on the bottom right of my shapes while cast shadows will likely appear on their top left.

Rule 3 : Think about the type of shadows

You may have felt lost when I mentioned 'core' and 'cast' shadows.

Basically, a core shadow is a shadow that is related to the form of an object. The planes perpendicular to the direction of the light receive the highest amount of light, and as the planes turn away from the light, they get gradually darker, until they don't receive any light. So that is why the parts oriented toward the light direction (top left) would be light, and the parts opposite (bottom right) would be in shadow.
Now an object can also get in shadow because something is preventing the light from reaching it. Each object projects its own shadow. Therefore, if a fold is located under another fold, the top fold will cast a shadow on the bottom fold, thus obscuring the top of the bottom fold (is that clear ? :XD: )

Diaper Fold - Shading (Rule 3) by Aliciane

I have a few tips regarding how to render those types of shadows. First, make the cast shadows darker (we'll see why just the section after). Second, forget about the shape that is casting the shadow. It does affect the shape of the shadow, but it is way too complicated to be really taken into account when drawing from imagination. Instead, make the cast shadow follow the shape it is cast on. It will help better show the volume and the result will be accurate enough. Finally, cast shadows usually have harder edges than core shadows.

Rule 4 : Think about reflected lights

Diaper Fold - Shading (Rule 4) by Aliciane

The darkest area of a core shadow is usually where it starts. It corresponds to the area that is tangent to the light direction and it is called the terminator. I've shown you one in orange. The rest of the core shadow is usually slightly lighter because of the light that bounces off lit surfaces (as shown by orange arrows). It can take many names : indirect lighting, reflected light, bounced light... All means the same actually. So try adding this slight gradation to your shadows and see how it looks !
Finally, some places I've indicated by teal arrows will be fairly light if the fabric is thin, because of the light passing through it :)

And that's it ! Damn, that was longer than I expected, I definitely don't know how to make something short. Hope you'll find something useful in that mess, and happy fold studies :D

Hi everyone ! :)

First of all, I would like to thank you a lot for your reactions to my latest painting. This illustration demanded me a lot of work, so I'm really moved to see it so well received !
I would also like to deeply thank all the people who recently decided to watch me. I really appreciate the support and I feel so motivated !

Apart from that, a couple of months ago, I've had the pleasure to write a workshop for Digital Production Magazine describing my process when painting "Let the Springtime Talk".

It has been released in this month's issue, which has an entire section speaking about Open Source painting softs, and Krita in particular. Here's a preview :

DP 05-15 Krita Workshop - Preview by Aliciane

This is a German magazine so, as you can imagine, the article is written in German. I'm giving the information anyway, in case there are some German speakers among my watchers ! :D
Unikness - Logo by Aliciane

There's a photo of me and my workspace; I figured out you might find it interesting :)
The interview's in French though, so most of you won't be able to read it, sorry about it :/

Read the interview
Hi everyone !

I just wanted to tell you that I've been interviewed by the owner of the blog Cafebiblioart.
Don't hesitate to have a look if you're curious :)

Read the interview

Thanks again to that lovely lady (whose name I don't know) for the opportunity and for her interest, it was a pleasure !
In a couple of weeks, I'll be at the artist alley of a small Fantasy convention held near Paris called the Elfics. Since it takes place in France, I assume only French-speaking people will attend, so I'll display the details in French. If you wish to know more though, feel free to ask me in the comments :)

Elfics - Logo by Aliciane

C'est quoi ?

Les Elfics c'est un petit festival amateur sur le thème de la Fantasy, organisé par les élèves de l'école Centrale-Supélec, à Châtenay Malabry. Il comporte un marché médiéval, un salon du livre et de l'illustration, des animations costumées, des concerts, des jeux, à boire et à manger =p

En ce qui me concerne, j'aurai un stand en tant qu'illustratrice où je mettrai en vente quelques prints. J'espère surtout avoir l'occasion de rencontrer certains d'entre vous, donc n'hésitez pas à faire un tour si cela vous intéresse et à passer me voir, je serai ravie de pouvoir mettre un visage sur certains noms. Par ailleurs, l'entrée du festival est gratuite :)

C'est quand ?
Le 16 et le 17 Mai, de Samedi 9h à Dimanche 17h en continu (ou presque). Si si, il y a encore des évènements prévus jusqu'à 23h le Samedi ^^

C'est où ?
A Châtenay-Malabry, sur le Campus de l'école Centrale. Pour plus d'informations sur l'accès à la convention, je vous invite à consulter le lien suivant.
So, I've been tagged both by theLostSindar and Gnewi !
It took me three trials to create something nice. I can definitely say that drawing with pen is very hard; it is impossible to make confident and non wobbly lines. I prefer the good old pencil by far :XD:
For the record, the girl I've drawn is a character of mine named Cassandra, if anyone asks :)

The deviants I tag are : Psycadela, Yetinia, EmiChenArt, Clo-well and Alislinn.

Pen or Marker Challenge by Aliciane

PS : This is the straighter I can write, I've never been able to write straight without guidelines :XD:
Happy new year everyone !

I hope you had a very nice holiday, among the people you love. Whether 2014 was a good or a bad year for you, I wish you a better, a happier, a healthier 2015 !
Thank you very much for your support during this year. I'll do my best to continue to entertain you this year, thank you for sticking with me :)

Krita - Banner by Aliciane

I've had the pleasure of being interviewed by the Krita Foundation a couple of weeks ago. They are the independent, non-profit, public organization which develops the software I'm using.
The interview is now available online and you can read it by clicking the following link :

Read the interview

I would like to thank once again the team from for the opportunity and to congratulate them for their amazing job. Krita is definitely my favourite digital painting software. I strongly recommend you to give it a try if you haven't already, especially once the 2.9 version will be publicly released :)

Flying back to France

Mon Sep 1, 2014, 12:15 AM

All good things come to an end ! After living two years in Japan, it's time for me to come back :)

I have a lot of paperwork and such to do to properly move out of the country; I also need to take care of a few things related to my return in France, such as finding housing. Therefore, I'm going to disappear from DeviantArt during a couple of weeks.

I would like to thank my 300 watchers for their support ! To think that, when I arrived here, you were only 50 makes me really proud; so thank you all :hug:

See you around middle-October then, once settled in my new place :D


While I'm away, you can take a look at those awesome artists which are definitely not known enough !

He Bit the Hand by incoded Gandalf by incoded Closing Credits by incoded

Not so deep sea by Psycadela Bigby Wolf by Psycadela

Secretary bird head study by Acousticletters Creation by Acousticletters Eagle head study by Acousticletters

Caustics by missterkelsen Eirian by missterkelsen Freyndyal y Cysgod by missterkelsen

Do'Relph by Yetinia Harvest Ritual by Yetinia Why, hello Stranger... by Yetinia

Original skin by SimplySilent

On semi-hiatus

Sun Mar 16, 2014, 2:04 AM

Hello everyone ! First of all, I want to thank you for all the feedback and the support you gave me since I arrived on DA ! I have reached 200 watchers and will very soon have 10 000 page views. Both are huge achievements for me and give me great motivational boosts :)

You may have noticed that I haven't been very active on DA during the last weeks. I would like to explain you why, and I hope you'll understand. Basically, I'm entering the last semester of my studies, which are totally unrelated to art. This means that in 6 months or so, I'll start working, which has triggered a lot of questioning.

During the last two years, drawing and painting have taken an ever growing place in my heart. I've started to spend more and more time doing art, to the point I spend nearly all my free time practicing. Therefore I've began to consider very seriously the idea of starting a freelance illustration business. I would like to take advantage of my last months as a student to give a real boost to my skills, as I won't have enough time to practice that much when I'll start working.

Moreover, I need to get familiar with the administrative part of the business. I'm looking into which status I need to have, I'm writing contracts samples, I'm building an online portfolio, and such, so that I could start accepting paid work in parallel to my regular job. So this is the reason why I don't comment and respond as often and as much as before :(

I hope you'll understand. Art is really important to me. At the very least I want to try to become a professional artist, so that even if I fail at it, I won't regret anything ! Thanks again for your comprehension :hug:

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I'm back :D

Mon Jun 17, 2013, 2:48 AM

Hello everyone  ! You may (or not) have noticed my inactivity during the last couple months. This was due to several factors, the first one being that my laptop was broken.
Thankfully, my boyfriend and I were able to fix it; I wouldn't have had the money to buy a new one if our repair had failed ! :XD:
I had to wait more than a month for the part we had to replace to arrive in Japan; in the end we have been able to fix the problem for like 5$, so it was worth the long wait :)

Therefore I'm slowly back to DA ! I first have to look at all the feedbacks and deviations I've received. I'll take my time to answer to everything and comment every new piece that I've missed ^o^

600 points Giveaway

Some months ago I've won the second prize at LadyMerrethsAuthor's contest. This made me win some DeviantArt Points :points: that I don't wish to spend for myself,  since I don't use them.
Therefore, I would like to share this prize with my watchers, especially those who are still active despite my long absence during the last months. The total pool is 600 points.

Participation rules

The process is very easy :

  • Be one of my watchers.

  • Send me a note to tell me how many points you need and for what use.

The deadline is June 30th

Winners selection

The selection will then be rather arbitrary :XD: depending on how many people asked me for points and how many they need, I'll try to share my points as fairly as possible between all of them. This is why telling me the reason you need the points for is important; if you need them for a specific and important matter, I'll try to take this into account. I hope I'll be able to satisfy everyone !
However I must precise that my most active watchers will have an advantage over someone who would have watched me just for this giveaway =p

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Contest Information

Fri Jan 4, 2013, 4:53 PM

Hello everyone, I'm simply very happy and proud to announce you that I've won a 1st place ex-æquo at spadiekitchenqueen 's contest :)

My Entry :

1st ex-æquo :

2nd place :

3rd place :

To see more information about the contest, the others winners, the rules, the prices, and everything you would like to know, check this journal !

Thanks again to Spadie for hosting this contest :)

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Flying to Japan

Sun Sep 9, 2012, 3:36 PM

Well basically, this is to inform my active watchers that I'm gonna disappear for a few weeks from DeviantArt. I'm moving to Japan for my studies, and I'm gonna live there for two years ! My flight is tomorrow in the evening :D

I won't be able to draw very much until everything is settled up with my apartment, with all the procedures, and so on. I will surely go out more often once in Japan, because it would be a shame not to visit such a beautiful country, don't you think so ? However I don't think I will give up with drawing, there are too many things I still wanna create and show, and I'm sure that this new environment will give me even more ideas !

Thank you to all my 50 watchers, it's not much compared to the celebrities we have on DA, but to me, it represents a lot. I'm still very touched and honored by all the feedback, comments, favorites, views, and even features I've received through the past 6 months. It's really motivating and it gives me the will to progress again and again !

So see you in middle-October ! ^o^


For you not to be bored, have a look to those unknown or underrated artists that I've got in my faves, they deserve more attention ! :)

Arianna Eventide by font-street Sans Regret by font-street Misty Morning Lookout by theLostSindar :thumb324760222:

:thumb286167493: Flower ghost by la-Structure-du-Ciel

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