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Krita: Minimalist Brush Pack (Updated)

By Aliciane
Minimalist Brush Pack

Content : Brush presets
Software : Krita 2.8 and higher

For some people, including myself, it can be a bit overwhelming to try a new software because of all the tools, the brushes and the options to play with.
I've started to use Krita a few months ago and after a few weeks of experimentation, I've realized that, in the end, I was only using those 7 tools. Therefore I'm sharing my very small brushset with you, hoping that it might help you to get familiar with the software easily without being side tracked by all the possibilities :)
Most of these brushes are very slight variations from default tools or from brushes by Deevad. Check his profile to find a lot more Krita brushes !

EDIT : HERE is a bundle with two additional brushes I've been asked about in the comments. The presentation is less pretty than the rest of the pack, so feel free to change their icon for whatever you want =p
Installation : The installation process is different than the rest of the pack. To import it, go to "Settings -> Manage resources" and then click on "Import bundle".
Content description : Both brushes are variations of my main "Flat Wet Brush". I use them to paint some organic details such as leaves, grass and clouds.

Installation : Open Krita's resource directory by going to Edit > Resources > Open Resources Folder. Go into the "paintoppreset" subfolder. Unzip the .kpp files into it. Restart Krita.
Content description : Here is a quick explanation of how I use each of these presets.

Pencil Brush
I use it at small size to sketch my underdrawings. With a larger size it can be used to simulate shading with the side of a graphite pencil.
Flat Wet Brush
My main brush, I literally use it 90% of the time. At high pressure it lays down the colour and at a lower pressure it gently blends the colours. Beware as it uses the colours from the layers underneath to create the resulting blended colour. Recommended for a painterly look with few layers. This is an extremely quick and efficient tool for me, it saved me a lot of time. Plus it has a slight bit of texture in it :)
Opaque Brush
A brush without pressure sensitivity ! I use it to block-in my colours in early stages when I need them to stay fresh and clean.
Your good old regular airbrush. I only use it for special effects, usually on layer modes such as overlay or increase/decrease saturation. It is useful for minor, discrete corrections thanks to its very soft edges.

Move Tool
A very handy brush which will grab and distort/push what's inside its radius. It is very useful to make quick corrections when something is slightly misplaced.
Blur Tool
Applies a local Gaussian blur. I generally use it when I need to put something out of focus or to get a really really clean blending. Don't overuse it as it can quickly look too soft. Use the next one instead.
Smudge Tool
This textured smudge tool is very useful to refine a blending. It should only be used gently and carefully to smooth an already existing transition; the flat wet brush should be sufficient in most cases. Beware as it is very powerful, use it by tipping with your stylus like you would with a sponge, do not make long strokes ^^
© 2014 - 2021 Aliciane
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Thank you so much, you're very generous :) :heart: :heart: :heart:

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ok..lots of playing. some are in there.. they have an X on them and there are a few duplicates but no blur tool and move tool...those are the ones I really wanted.. very frustrating.

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Hi. I was able to upload the two additional brushes but I can not figure out how to put the minimal pack in my Krita. need help please.

thank you so much :]

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Thank you - this is a great simple set, & I was looking for a few lightweight brushes to test out the Krita for Samsung/ Google tablet.

To those asking how to use the brushes: (1) click download; (2) click open; (3) when you see a list of files with ".kpp" extensions, drag your mouse to select all of them & cut [ctrl+x], then find the folder where you keep your presets (or any folder), then paste with [ctrl+v]. (4) go into Krita, click Settings, then Manage Resources, then Import Presets. (5) Find the folder where you saved your new Presets from Aliciane, then use your mouse to select all of them. Now, when you go into your brushes in Krita, you will see your new set. Search "flat" or another name of one of the brushes if you want to make sure. Enjoy!

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Oh thank you, I was thinking about deleting this drawing software because of the lack of any blending or smudging which I use for so much blending and details in my work

I am a beginner artist, and I am happy that there are such brushes, tender and attractive. Thank!

hey there, i really want to use your brush set but i dont know how to add it into krita... it doesnt find the bundle... i can only see the brushes when i click import brushes and change the format to gimp-x-gimp-brush-animated and when i pick one brush my krita crashes... i dont know what i did wrong here

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muchas gracias por los pinceles, eres muy amable:hug:

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Thank you so much for sharing your brushes with us!! :dummy: :heart:

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the smudge brush is all I need thank you

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Thank you for your brush pack,looking forward to painting with them.
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im so confused, is there a video on this?
Jus logged in to give you a big Thank You for sharing these!!! These are some of the most useful brushes I came across. As someone who likes to work more minimilistic and doesnt like to have his brushstrokes determined too much by texture and other settings, these have jus the right amount of breakup to them, not making the strokes look too constant , but also not being too detailed and deterministic in their looks. Was looking for some like these for a while. Especially the Flat_Wet_Brush is my favorite cause it is so versatile! And easily tweakable from there as a great start. The tools also have the exact bare and clean functionality you would need. They will be in my collection forever.
It looks like the download link only contains the vegetation brushes. Sorry, but could you re-upload again with everything in the bundle? :D I notice you commented another GDrive link below but it's not a bundle.

Edit: I repacked it to save you the trouble. I hope I got it right:…
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Ah yes indeed, the other brushes were only available in the "Download" section on the right because I think the bundles didn't exist yet when I did that ^^'
Thank you for the repacking, I'm featuring your comment for everyone to see !
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I really wanna try! But the download link isn't working o n o 
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Oh ? Which one ?
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the main one?
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Okay, I've uploaded it elsewhere, tell me if this works better :)…
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The flat wet brush is awesome, I'd love to know what brushes you've used since
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Not so many actually ! :) That brush is still my main one, though I've tweaked it a little bit since.

First, I think that at the time, I had activated the "Overlay Mode" in the brush settings. That was a mistake x) It doesn't improve the blending quality nor the colours, in my opinion. However it was bothering me a lot when I was erasing with this brush because it would smear colours all over the place instead or erasing "cleanly". It was making layer management really messy. So I unchecked it and I'd suggest you to do the same if it is still activated.
The other changes are pretty minor, I mainly tweaked the pressure curve. I wanted the brush to reach its maximum opacity sooner (meaning at a lower pressure) and I also wanted its minimum opacity to be higher. I prefer painting with more opacity these days and I don't want having to press to hard on my tablet for that.

Otherwise I'm using two additional brushes which are in fact a variation of this one. One is an even more opaque version of the same brush, whose opacity barely vary with the pressure, but whose size vary a lot more.
This is the brush I've used for this entire painting as well as for the vegetation here and there. So to recreate this brush, you'd have to take the flat wet brush and just tweak the pressure and size curves.

The last one is a variation of the previous one. I've simply replaced the brush tip by another one which is called "Oil_Soft". I think it is included in Krita by default. It gives it a more "featherly" quality which makes it pretty useful to generate a more natural or organic look. So I don't use this one for blending.
It's the brush I've used for most of the herbs on the rocks here and the edges of the clouds there.

I'll try to make another brush pack with those two one of these days :)
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