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My OC for Serpy's "Serpents of Old" comic, which you can read here!--> serpentsofold.thecomicseries.c…

Name: Sid
Age: 32
Height/Weight: 6’0”/170lbs.

Personality: Extremely cold.  Sarcastic.  Is usually turned off to other people's feelings.  Doesn't mind offending someone, especially if he holds no respect for them.  Wants to achieve rank and is willing to do almost anything to get it.  His mind appears to dwell on carnage, violence and destruction pretty much constantly.  He wants to prove himself to others and idolizes those who are stronger than he is.

Physically: Quiet, usually able to sneak up on others.  Is quick and very skilled with his dagger, but give him any other weapon or disarm him and he becomes vulnerable.

Likes: Violence, spending time with Bleke, picking on Barron, his dagger... a lot
Dislikes: Do-gooders or people who have a sappy sense of justice, being completely alone or forgotten

Backstory: A cousin to Barron, Sid grew up constantly teasing and bullying him.  Sid's parents only encouraged it as the family harbored feelings of jealousy for the other family.  When Sid had grown, it was obvious that he needed a career that could channel his inner violence and skill and put it to good use.  He was a perfect fit in Kal's squad.  There he somehow made 'friends' with a higher-up named Bleke--probably because he was the only one who would tolerate his disturbing behavior.  Since then, Sid has been hard at work trying to become noticed so that he may rise up in the ranks and have more freedom and responsibilities.
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alston123Hobbyist General Artist
Wow. Dude's personality is jacked up. Well, at least you drew him well. :3 :P
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AliciaMuhmProfessional Traditional Artist
Ha ha, thanks!  Yeah, when Serpy and I were hanging out in person we came up with this character.  I love his awfulness. <3
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HeSerpentyHobbyist Digital Artist
I absolutely LOVE this! Hehe he is so much fun to write--- and he's such a fascinating character in general, there is so much I can do with him! 
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AliciaMuhmProfessional Traditional Artist
AWESOME!  I'm glad he turned out to be useful.  He would want that. XD
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He looks amazing here! Love his character!
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AliciaMuhmProfessional Traditional Artist
Thanks!  Ha ha I drew this picture of him based on drawings Serpy did of him that she had drawn off of a drawing I made of him. XD
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