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My OC for Serpy's "Serpents of Old" comic, which you can read here!--> serpentsofold.thecomicseries.c…

I know I already drew him and did the bio, but that was AGES ago and I felt like he needed an updated drawing to go with Sid.  The other drawing that goes in this set is this one here.-->…

Name: Ryder
Age: 27
Height/Weight: 5’10”/150lbs.

Personality: A bit of a playboy.  Street smart.  Not at all book smart.  Considers himself clever, yet can easily miss a joke or sarcasm.  Quick to take action rather than think things through, but has a pretty good gut instinct.  Likes to show off.  Follows orders relatively well, especially from people he respects.

Physically: Not very strong, but extremely agile.  Can easily sneak up on a target.  Has no problem escaping from a dangerous situation.

Likes: Sexy women, meat, alcoholic drinks, a nice hot bath
Dislikes: People who talk big but don’t have the skills to back it up, bugs that have more than six legs, cold or rainy weather, confined spaces, vegetables

Backstory: Ryder lost his parents at a young age.  Though his elderly grandmother took him in, he has had to spend most of his life fending for himself due to her poor health.  He kept skipping class and fighting with the other kids his age so he didn’t receive a proper education.  He only managed to become an officer in “The Umbra Sect” because of his exceptional skills as a fighter.
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HeSerpentyHobbyist Digital Artist
RYDEEER! Gosh I love him so so much :')
And it's so good to read his bio again it's a good refresher! Hehe some of these little nuggets I forgot about and will be quite useful hehe :3

Thank you so much for doing these I"MSOHAPPY!
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AliciaMuhmProfessional Traditional Artist
Yus!  Always fun to draw Ryder!  He's the one that brought us together, after all. :3