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An OC I created for rufiangel's webcomic, Serpamia Flare, which you can read here!--> serpamiaflare.thecomicseries.c…

Name: Archer
Age: 24 (Ages at a slightly slower rate than humans)

Archer was forced into a life of slavery at a young age. He was gifted to a young, wealthy girl as a birthday present. The two grew up together. She taught him how to speak and even how to read somewhat. As they grew older, the girl began to foster feelings for Archer but her father caught wind of their growing relationship and decided to sell Archer to a different household for the good of his own daughter. Despite their longing to see each other again, the two of them have yet to meet after that.

Archer is very shy and more often than not finds it hard to speak what's on his mind. He rarely expresses feelings of aggression. He tries to avoid contact with others as much as possible, but he doesn't hesitate to help someone in need either, especially if it is a person he cares deeply about. He is naive in a lot of ways. Because of his past, it is difficult for him to trust others so easily.

About the Saera race: Saera are a race of winged people who appear to be human with the exception of red birthmarks and wings that protrude from their backs. They are songweavers and, along with a captivating voice, they are all exceptionally attractive. The Saera were all mercilessly hunted down and captured to sing for entertainment. The captured Saera's wings were mutilated to keep them from escaping. As a gentle race by nature, Saera were easily subjugated, and eventually, the size of the wings of the domesticated Saera began to shrink over the generations. Now, Saera have small, ineffectual wings that do not grant them flight, and are merely an indication of their race.

He was a lot of fun to create!  Serpamia Flare has a universe of such wonderful, inspiring characters! <3
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And now Madou will teach him fire magic and coach him on overcoming his shyness.

And he will teach him how to catch the heart of his woman. He will be so proud of Dopind..Archer. (yes, I saw Deadpool today)