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Published: October 16, 2011

General Information

  • I reserve the right to display finished commissions in my portfolio (exception made if we both agree to keep the work offline for the sake of privacy, i.e. for portraits of children.) I also reserve the right to decline a commission request for any reason, and the right to adjust the price of a commission (before invoicing) if I deem it necessary.

  • If for any reason I cannot complete your commission after you've paid, you will receive a full refund, regardless of how much work I've already done. I will also honor any requests for a full refund of your deposit/payment at any time during the commission waiting period, as long as I have not begun any work beyond a basic sketch. I reserve the right to cancel (with full refund) any commission at any time.

  • I prefer to be paid by Paypal. I can also potentially take credit card payments through my website if we discuss it beforehand. Transaction fees must be covered by the commissioner.

  • My commissions are DIGITAL PAINTINGS unless specifically noted otherwise. This means you'll receive a high-res (300 DPI) digital file when I'm done, NOT a hard copy or a print in any form. Please do not assume that I am doing a traditional original work for you, or sending you a hard copy print, unless I specifically tell you so.

  • Regarding pop culture work, typically, I will NOT do art of a series that I dislike or am completely unfamiliar with. This is because I have learned from previous experience that it's difficult for me to create art for a series I don't know, because I can't connect with the subject. If I am doing a portrait of a real-life friend or family member for you I will most likely ask for multiple reference photos for the same reason. I do make exceptions and I don't mind doing some research for your commission, just keep it in mind.

  • Reference images are required.

  • The prices and slots listed below do NOT pertain to commercial projects. Commissions described here are for personal use only (which means absolutely no reselling or for-profit usage of the final artwork.) My rate for commercial artwork begins at $2000 USD and ranges up depending on complexity, planned usage, and turnaround time. You may contact me any time ( regarding commercial projects.

Examples and Pricelist for Personal Commissions

  • I. Standard Digital Portrait – $500 – CLOSED

    This is my standard flat-fee portrait category. Typically 2-3 hours of work from me, full color (unless otherwise preferred), portrait or square layout, semi-realistic style, simple background. Headshot format only and reference image is required. This is the best category for straightforward portraits of family members, friends, favorite characters, pets, etc. Examples:

    Katniss by alicexz:thumb268035177: Handsome Sphynx by alicexz
    Remember me... by alicexz Or maybe he'll give me yours. by alicexz

    I do not allow additional characters in the same piece for this type of commission - this is meant to be a focused, single-subject portrait. I am completely open to doing "sets" of similar/themed portraits, though.

  • II. Stylized Digital Portrait – $1000 & up – CLOSED

    This is my more flexible and detailed portrait category and prices vary accordingly. Full color (unless otherwise preferred), headshot or waist-up; simple or abstracted background; any layout (landscape, portrait, or square); additional detailing, stylization and motifs can be incorporated. Up to two characters. Examples:

    The Abyss Gazes Back by alicexz Rebirth by alicexz Rachel Berry by alicexz
    A Study in Pink by alicexz Airplanes by alicexz

  • III. Digital Scene – $1500 & up – CLOSED

    My general illustration category. This includes concept art and all portrait commissions that involve more complex background elements and/or a high level of detailing. Any layout; full color, waist-up/full-body, multiple characters/interactions, etc. Price varies on complexity. Examples:

    The Roar of Our Stars by alicexz The Song of Your Sadness by alicexz We'll Start a Jazz Band by alicexz The Lonely God by alicexz
    Virtuoso by alicexz Islands by alicexz Bleed by alicexz

If you would like to commission a piece that doesn't quite fit into any of these categories, e-mail me explaining it and I will consider it. I am usually willing to draw anything if proper references are provided; however, I'm by and large a portrait artist, so just... keep this in mind.

How to Order

  • When you're ready, send me a dA note or e-mail me ( with this form filled out:

    (I, II, or III)
    (provide links or attach images to e-mail)  

  • I will invoice your Paypal address with the total amount, after confirming your request. Please let me know if you need to pay some other way. Your commission slot is will be reserved as soon as you contact me, but forfeited if you cannot pay within a week. I accept 50% deposits to secure slots for larger commissions. Again, if for any reason I can't finish your commission and you've already paid, you WILL receive a full refund from me.

Personal Commission Status List (updated 04/13/15)

  • Type I: Digital Standard Portrait – CLOSED
    1. MaeDreaM – PAID – 100% FINISHED
    2. MaeDreaM – PAID – PAINTING 20%
    3. cwkitten – PAID – 100% FINISHED 05/31
    4. Shawna – PAID – 100% FINISHED 03/20
    5. Brian – PAID – 100% FINISHED 12/20
    6. KittytheSheGeek – PAID – 100% FINISHED 08/11
    7. Alexa – PAID – 100% FINISHED 11/08
    8. seesoccer – PAID – 100% FINISHED 01/26
    9. Fire-Chan9490 – PAID – 100% FINISHED 02/15
    10. Cassi-Walsh – PAID – PAINTING 50%
    11. seesoccer – PAID – 100% FINISHED 03/19
    12. Arturo – PAID – 100% FINISHED 06/23

  • Type II: Digital Stylized Portrait – CLOSED
    1. latiass – PAID (2 char bust) – 100% FINISHED 10/20
    2. KLCx – PAID (1 char bust) – 100% FINISHED 03/24
    3. DefineLove – PAID (2 char waist-up) – 100% FINISHED 02/28
    4. Sarah – PAID – 100% FINISHED 01/07
    5. Stephie – PAID (1 char) – 100% FINISHED 02/10
    6. SashaWren – PAID (1 char waist-up) – 100% FINISHED 03/31
    7. James – PAID –100% FINISHED 05/10
    8. Previsha – PAID (2 char) – 100% FINISHED 10/17
    9. CK – PAID –100% FINISHED 05/17
    10. Chayla – PAID (1 char) – 100% FINISHED
    11. Deirdre – reserved (1 char)
    12. Jessica – PAID – 100% FINISHED 02/27
    13. Timothy – reserved (1 char x2) - 0%

  • Type III: Digital Scene – CLOSED
    1. AstridJane – refunded (5 char scene)
    2. Sam – refunded (1 char scene)
    3. AnderLouis – refunded (1 char scene)
    4. Espedito – DEPOSIT PAID (1 char scene)
    5. Alex – reserved (1 char scene x2)
    6. Rasmus – PAID (1 char) – 100% FINISHED
    7. Mary Jo – PAID (1 char) – 100% FINISHED
    8. Dave – PAID (1 char) – 100% FINISHED

  • Type IV: Traditional – CLOSED
    1. Dan – PAID TO CHARITY (1 char) – 100% FINISHED 02/28
    2. Eric – TRADE (1 char) – PAINTING 75%
    3. Patricia – PAID (2 char) – 100% FINISHED 12/25

  • Type V: Misc – N/A
    1. NightTattooWolf – PAID (2 char scene) – 100% FINISHED
    2. Yet-One-More-Idiot – SPECIAL (1 char bust) – 0%
    3. gracie-is-a-pie – SPECIAL (1 char bust) – 0%
    4. WingsofSmoke – SPECIAL (1 char scene) – 100% FINISHED 10/25
    5. Raziely8 – SPECIAL (1 char scene) – SKETCHING
    6. stephastated – SPECIAL (2 char scene) – 0%
    7. spattergroits – SPECIAL (1 char bust) – SKETCHING
    8. Akaiyuue – SPECIAL (2 char scene) – 0%
    9. Katherdante – SPECIAL (1 char) – 0%
    10. megatruh – TRADE (1 char) – 100% FINISHED 02/06
    11. LexyEevee – SPECIAL (1 char) – 0%
    12. euclase – TRADE (1 char) – 0%
    13. viria13 – TRADE (1 char) – 0%
    14. mmmagnolia – TRADE (1 char) – 0%
    15. ottery – TRADE (2 char) – 0%

  • Comments below are periodically hidden to keep this informational post clean! Please send me a note or e-mail if you have questions or concerns regarding commissions, rather than commenting here as it causes clutter and I often link this status page to clients. Plus, you have a much better chance of getting a response if you e-mail me, as I am hopelessly unable to keep up with dA comments. Thanks for reading!

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ChellendoraStudent Writer
I really wanted to commission a sexy man bun Thor from you but oh lord those prices, I am too broke, and plus you are closed.
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Not even a teeny explanation of why your commissions are CLOSE INDEFINITELY! ?
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Do you still do commissions or are they just all closed?
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I absolutely love your art and I was just wondering if I could use your pictures for my facebook cover photo? I just wanted to get permission first :)
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alicexzProfessional Digital Artist
Don't have to ask for something like that, go ahead!
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Just wanted to drop you a line here to let you know that my wife LOVED the commission piece you did of my son. It's currently hanging on our living room wall and it looks incredible! Thanks again Alice!
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alicexzProfessional Digital Artist
Wow I just saw this comment (one full year later...) anyway I'm really glad your wife liked the portrait! Thanks for your support!
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The amount of Glee featured in this journal warms my heart. :heart:

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alicexzProfessional Digital Artist
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