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Your face is poetry

By alicexz
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glitchedpuppet suggested we do some "limited palette" painting studies for practice the other day. So she gave me these five cool colors (in the bottom right corner) and I used them to paint this rough portrait of Benedict Cumberbatch (aka Sherlock Holmes aka congratulations on your face.) Drawing with a pre-determined palette is a great artistic exercise, I highly recommend it! Try exchanging a color palette with a friend, it makes it fun. :) Or do any of the various color memes floating around dA!
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i would purchase a print but i have no money but this is amazing!
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All the mysteries behold 
None that Sherlock can't unfold 

oh my god you're works are amazing ..........
you've just become my favorite artist on Deviantart [other than myself of course]
love your works simply love

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Congratulations on your face, indeed. Brilliant, and wow with only five colors o.O
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i dont know. i have been staring at this in silent awe.
and still i dont quite found words for this.

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that's the most fantastic portrait ever! My the most favourite!!! I'm absolutely in love in it!
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Like this very much, thank you!
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Do you mind if I find inspiration in this style?
I will credit you, I will use oil pastels and I will draw Daenerys, not Benedict
I would love to have something that is precisely in that style (I love it!)
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this is beautiful, and i am definitely going to have to give that limited palette attempt a try!
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You're an amazing artist! I absolutely love this XD And Benedict is just so hot!! :D
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you are so talented and it kills me because i am so shit
#1 fan right here, lol :#1:
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The bright colors really soften the portrait. I like it!
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The limited color thing whatever thingy you did ... whatever it was... was pretty awesome.
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Good definition.

Be•ne•dict Cum•ber•batch • noun 1 Sherlock Holmes 2 Congratulations on your face

if I may add something:

3 Congratulations on your everything

Except for, perhaps, cutting tomatoes
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So it is, dear Benedict, so it is.
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I love love love limited colour. This piece is fantastic!
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i love the colors. his face merits stark contrasts. greatness lies on this page.
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"Congratulations on your face" Yep that pretty much sums him up.
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nice, kinda like a neiman painting
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Definetly the best!
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"Congratulations on your face". That is what I'm calling him from now on. XD
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What the... HOW?!
This is beautiful oh my gosh. I love the colours and the way you did this, it's absolutely amazing, you never fail to amaze me/others with your work. :O :D
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His face is my favorite poem.
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