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You've always mattered.

Collaboration with lexieken, she did this amazing sketch of Molly and Sherlock that I absolutely loved, and graciously allowed me to color it. Pencil lineart and digital coloring. On Tumblr:…

Artwork by Alice X. Zhang
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Love it, downloading, thank you!
oh dear god I'm dead
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Wow sherlock is Really hot ^.^ I love
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Holy crap! Sherlock look so sexy in that drawing! Great job!!
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I saw this on Google plus and I HAD to track you down. this is GORGEOUS 
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While I don't ship this, I won't hesitate to admit how beautiful this t is. Good job!
MK46ASROC's avatar
lol johnlock all the way.
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ValorOfLorien's avatar
Love this one! Molly is an amazing character.
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WAAAAA can this please happen?!
WreckItRalphFan's avatar
You have no idea how much I love this, It's incredible! I love this pair so much!
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I don't even know how to describe how much I love this picture! It is so beautiful and I love the colors - plus, it's also so cute. Thank you for this! Truly brilliant job!
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Ce fanart est le plus beau que j'ai pu voir, la collaboration a donné quelque chose de sublime! Je rêve de l'avoir, un jour, je l'achèterai ♥ Merci beaucoup! :love:
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AAAAH this is lovely! Great coloring job! ;A;
KitKatTicTac's avatar
Oh, my God. You're incredible. 
Rebeccabirch2's avatar
This is beautiful!!
RunningWithTheStars's avatar
Even though I'm a hard Johnlock shipper, I've got to say that this is a very heart warming and beautiful picture. Good job. :)
Pamplelune-nya's avatar
Aww, so awesome ! <3 <3 <3
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You always see John Lock art, this is so refreshing to see~!
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I ship them so hard! 
beautiful work!
Your work is absolutly amazing. Like it is gorgouse
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WHAT? No. No way, Irene's the only woman for him. Molly's just a character inserted into the show for boring women to relate to.
Wistful-Butterfly's avatar
For boring women to relate to? I absolutely cannot agree. Both Irene and Molly are exceptionally strong characters, and yees, Molly does have her jumpers and cats, but she has to deal with Sherlock Holmes, has the patience of a saint, has a position as a pathologist in a highly competitive area - I would love to be as accomplished as Molly Hooper.

And this is an absolutely gorgeous painting.
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