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A little watercolor painting of Natasha Romanoff, my first in awhile. I'm trying to do more traditional work this summer, I could definitely use some improvement!

Dimensions are 12"x12", Winsor & Newton watercolors on Canson paper. WIP shot:… The original painting has already been reserved/sold, but I may do prints in the future.

Kindly reblog!

Artwork by Alice X. Zhang
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Excellent work! Love the colors!
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very beautiful!
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Love the style
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Mt friend bought me this on a tote bag that I use constantly, it's so nice being able to track down the original artist! Fantastic work, I'm completely in love with this portrait!
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She's so lovely!  Her hair looks absolutely perfect!
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I just looked at this and said "Oh!  You're the awesome person I've been seeing!"  XD
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love it so much!
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This is beautiful! :D Wow!!!
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'Your ledger is dripping...'
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It's just amazing *___* like all your works!!
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Great one! :) at first i was like... computer... then I read the description... It's great to know people can still do pretty amazing stuff without any computers involved :)
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you are amazing
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the entire movie I wondered why her hair stayed perfect
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But with being russian myself, I can't forgive the creators of Natasha, just becаuse surname Romanoff is not russian AT ALL! Romanova - yes, ok, our last royal family had this surname (Romanova - for woman, Romanov - for men), but NOT ROMANOFF!
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I've heard she made that her alias outside of Russia, just as a little joke for herself alone.
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