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What Kind of Bird Are You?


"No. I said... what kind of bird are you?"
Moonrise Kingdom (2012)

A portrait on display at my cinema-inspired solo show MOMENTS, which opened June 7th at NYC's Bottleneck Gallery.

I stared at a ton of old-timey portrait-paintings (John Singer Sargent, Vermeer, etc) for inspiration to do this piece. I wanted to get a traditional media feel and do the best job possible with this lovely moment from Moonrise Kingdom (when Sam Shakusky first lays eyes on Suzy Bishop!) Digital painting from references, many many hours, Adobe Photoshop + Cintiq 21UX tablet.

I Found You by alicexz The Shepherd by alicexz
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Artwork by Alice X. Zhang
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Spoon8's avatar
Damn, you perfectly caught that gaze!
NArU-KAgE's avatar
Ah! Suzy! I just watched Moonrise Kingdom last week, and thought that this (from the gallery view) looked like Suzy, then I saw the title. Heh. Awesome work as usual! ♥
MarikoSusie's avatar
Oh this is so pretty twitte0king 
juddsv's avatar
alebsi's avatar
So beautiful
DannySamFanMan's avatar
AMAZING ACCURACY AND REALISM! WOW! Well done! I love that movie, and you do it justice!
MichelleBergeron's avatar
This is absolutely stunning. I must say, that this is by far one of my favorite pieces of art I have seen on here. :clap:
WalkingMoon's avatar
I really liked that scene..:)
Sinistershadow11's avatar
Amazing expression!
CommanderKip's avatar
Wow, this is fantastic. Way to capture the moment!
thereisnoreason-ME's avatar
I love all of her pictures.
Shadow-Wolf32's avatar
You captured the moment so perfectly!
Scorchyz's avatar
Ughh this is so fantastic <3
RandomFandoms44's avatar
This movie was amazing! Beautiful job, too!
kopfstoff's avatar
such'n awesome movie, great piece! you nailed it!
EllyCoo's avatar
I'm a raven.
sockmonkeydogtoy's avatar
Favorite movie of all time. 
dittobird's avatar
The bird costumes were one of my favourite bits of from the movie. There was always something interesting to look at :)
LudovicaPolidori's avatar
I love this movie... and you do a great tribute
johannady2's avatar
Hmmm... she looks familiar...
johannady2's avatar
OH! it's the girl from Moonrise something movie :p
Shadow-Wolf32's avatar
Moonrise Kingdom?
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