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Painted this over Livestream in about 4 hours, you can view the full recording at my new Youtube channel. Thank you very much to all who stayed and watched! I have always loved all imagery of Sherlock Holmes playing the violin, I find it very striking and it's one of his most recognizable and interesting character traits. This piece is inspired by BBC's Sherlock (I cannot possibly recommend this show more!)

Time-lapsed process video can be watched here. Drawn and painted in Adobe Photoshop with a Wacom tablet.

EDIT 10/09/13: I have provided this high-res wallpaper as a COURTESY to fellow Sherlock fans, and I expect my work to be treated with respect. Time and time again I have seen art thieves download this painting, PHOTOSHOP OUT MY SIGNATURE, and re-upload it to their own websites as a "free wallpaper," or, even worse, print it as a poster or on a phone case to sell on eBay, Amazon, Etsy, StoreEnvy, etc. It's absolutely ridiculous and disappointing. I'm leaving the wallpaper up because I know most don't do that, but I'm going to say this once again since it's apparently not clear: DO NOT REMOVE MY SIGNATURE FROM THIS ARTWORK FOR ANY REASON . If you see this painting on any of the above sites, please do me a favor and report it. If you see this painting on any products or websites without credit to me, I ask you not to buy it, and JUST REPORT IT. Thank you.

Artwork by Alice X. Zhang
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Mozart’s telling us from up the sky… “Go on a journey,” he’s saying.

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Amazing piece. I really like your style.

You get my follow.

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That's impressive!

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Awesome! Is there a name for using this style of large vague brushes and not blending so much? I'd love to try it out but I'd like to find tutorials.
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 you are awesome !!!!
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I love the textures! This piece is stunning :D (Big Grin) 
I'm sorry but it looks like it has been stolen by these people…
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Love this, I found it at the back of the "Sign of The Four" book I bought.
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fantastic art peice :clap:
I love this show : D
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Omg i love this <3
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I love it! very genuine! ^^
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Great Image

Fernando Coutinho
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is that Danglerack Cunningsnatch?
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OMG you did this this has been my phone wallpaper for freaking ages and i have been trying to find the artist omg im in love with it you are a beautiful artist <3
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Custom Freaks is selling this print on FB without the signature, along with dozens of other images which I'm sure they don't have permission to use.
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Great impressionistic style!
LadyVixxen's avatar is selling prints without your signature, image flipped.…
very awesome!!
great picture!!
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