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The Young Man from the East

Art trade with one of my favorite artists, megatruh! (I'm finally done, haha.) She requested a painting of Ashitaka from Princess Mononoke, which happens to a movie that I absolutely adore so I enjoyed doing this! I wanted to capture movement as well as this interesting perspective (I love his costume design here.) Ref images:… I might continue this portrait series... I want a San and Lady Eboshi to match this one...

Step-by-step process:…

Amazing piece I got in return from megatruh!
chemistry of common life . by megatruh

Artwork by Alice X. Zhang
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Mononoke is one of my fav films, and this is gorgeous. <3
well drawn, but a few "archer" mistakes.

Only an archer sees it though....
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Awesome! Nice work!
love it!! ♥
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Your picture was flat out stolen by someone else. Please report him.…

He deletes and hides commentsif they even mention the picture being stolen. Be careful. If he likes your profile picture, then he sexually harasses you. I'm one step away from reporting him on that alone.
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Your art is so awesome!
I love how you use the colors and your brushstroke!
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after all these years, i still love him Heart
amazing work!
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beautiful work 
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Wow your art is incredible!
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I just saw that movie and that is incredibly good. I always loved this picture even though I was not familiar with the character.
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You have incredible art!! I will bookmark your society6 page and shop, great stuff!!
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Ow! I loved it !
eragonmerlin's avatar

aha i just watched this movie recently, it was great!!
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Love the movie, and again, this is truly AMAZING!
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i love princess mononoke!
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Okay I just stumbled across your page today and I gotta say it is banana's how good on an artist you are. This is a great piece of work nicely done. 
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... I love you so much for this! :la: :heart:
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Awesome work. I love that movie. What's up?
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Super nice archery! soo well made!
MercurialPixies's avatar
Love it!!! Love him!!!'
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