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The Song of Your Sadness



“Oh Amy, I hear the song of your sadness.”
“I’m not sad.”
“Then why are you crying?”

A painting I spent many, many hours streaming, this is my tribute to the magnificent Amy Pond, who inspired Vincent van Gogh in her adventures with the Doctor. I hope if Amy stayed with Vincent longer he might've painted something like this - something that showed her inner sadness, something he could empathize with. This work is part of my official Doctor Who series.

Little disclaimer because someone made a nasty comment! I researched van Gogh paintings like Starry Night and his Sunflowers series for this work, but I'm not claiming to be an Impressionist nor am I saying I am anywhere near as skilled as the great painter himself... this piece is a conceptual work, done with my own artistic style and choices with some influence that's meant to recall van Gogh's style. Reference from the episode "Vincent and the Doctor" from Season 5.

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Artwork by Alice X. Zhang
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do you sell prints? how much and for what size?

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It's really awesome, it's magnificent ! 
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This is so wonderful!
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Its amazing and kind of heartbreaking. Stunning!  
I own a copy of this print and its one of my favorites
You're an amazing artist - thank you for sharing it!

how do we buy a print?

I got mine years ago from Etsy I think? 
I cant find it now but it's best to check the prints option on the right. 
If it's not there check out her website she has listed in the artist comment. 
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very stylisssh :D
Awesome painting for one of my favourite episodes!
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Not just one of the greatest artists of our time but one of the greatest men that ever lived..
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Amazing, love this style so much! Great picture of Amy, lovely work Love 
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Your command of color is brilliant.
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When it comes to art one can argue successfully that the only real skill is weather or not you can convey the ideas or emotions you want.  I would personally like to say that I think its good, however, if you ask me, Donas story was way more sad!
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This is my favourite DW episode of all time - and this piece brought tears to my eyes.
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One of my favourite episodes.
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Amy by Van Gogh :-) Great Idea and great artwork
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who would ever say anything mean about this?! This is way amazing!
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Omg I immediately thought "Karen Gillan" and "that episode with van Gogh" before I even read the description. Good work!
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Beautiful tribute. You did a marvelous job capturing that "Van Gogh feel" I think, while remaining true to your own sense of colors - the way the swirls form that little teal/rust gradient is something else. Amy's hair is rendered beautifully, and the streaks of teal are a nice touch (although... they look a little like she has her hair colored! :lol: Nice dye job, Amy?) and tie her hair in with the rest of the piece.
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