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The Road Less Traveled

By alicexz


The Last of Us is one of my favorite games EVER, such breathtaking story and characterizations... Huge thanks to Naughty Dog for creating something so beautiful. This piece was done mostly over livestream. Print is available here (some Sony/PS people actually bought this print from me!) 

Originally posted on my artblog. Painted in Adobe Photoshop on a Wacom Cintiq from this reference

EDIT: I was honored to have this piece was selected for the Naughty Dog artbook, which you can buy here!

Cordyceps by alicexz

Artwork by Alice X. Zhang
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© 2014 - 2021 alicexz
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Absolutely love this and your style!

TheBlackSketchbook's avatar
Simply breathtaking!
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I need to save the money to buy a print of this one.
Brilliant stuff!
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This is beautiful <3
silcoface's avatar
You are a legend.
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wow i love your work  ^^!!!!!
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This is amazing ! Really beautiful ! I love it !
GotIt2's avatar
... and THAT made all the difference~!
gabriellais's avatar
I enjoy your completion of the poem
CreeppingDeath's avatar
this is really beautiful
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This is... AMAZING

Except now the feels are back. ..
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This is amazing! Well done! :clap:
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Nice sense of depth and the colors really look great.
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amazzzziiiiiinnngggggg ashvgjhasbjkask
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I like your art but the "game" was poop. It looked interesting at first but it was one of those horrid quick timer games(they must die) & it was only on console so...nope. Also they ripped off the likeness of Ellen Page, she even tried to sue them.
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It's... how to say it.
It's simply F***ING AWESOME!
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This is just bloody fantastic! Good job!
Hawk-Eye-Aless's avatar
I favourited this piece a while back and upon returning to DA after a some time away, I was still blown away the second time I saw this in my list, so much so that I ordered one of your prints. Fantastic artwork!
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This is wonderful!
ALonelyLifeForMe's avatar
absolutely amazing :O
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