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The Girl Who Waited

Commission for Yet-One-More-Idiot, thank you so much for your endless patience. Painted entirely over Livestream yesterday, you can view the full recording at my channel. Thank you all who stayed and watched the speedpaint!

Drawn in Adobe Photoshop with a Wacom tablet, ref of Caitlin Blackwood as young Amelia Pond.

Artwork by Alice X. Zhang
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This is a particular individual favourite of mine. I hope Yet-One-More-Idiot was extremely happy
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this is amazing!
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The hope you managed to capture in her eyes is amazing!!
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Having just watch "The Angels Take Manhattan" last night (first time), this made my breath catch as I tried to control my reaction.

Your artwork is amazing!

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This one is by far my favorite of all your work. The hair looks awesome!
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Your art is very beautiful. I saw the life stream and it's awesom!!! Clap 
*cries at how good this is*
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I've ordered this as a print from your Society6 shop as a birthday present for my friend! Love your art, keep up the amazing work! :)
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Wow, this is simply stunning! ~o.o~ <3
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The girl who waited.
I am jealous. I am jelly. And I am cereal. I am serious. I am so freaking jealous that I seriously want to write you a fan poem thing.
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This is officially my new desktop background :D
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So expressive! I love the use of warm colors on her and the dark blues of the background. And how you pulled that through in the shadow areas. Very very nice!
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Oh she's beautiful. She was an amazing companion to the Doctor and this is just a perfect picture of her.
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beautiful colors!
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What a wonderful portrait!
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omg! this is awesome!!!
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