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Rift II

A younger Sherlock in his university days; I'd imagine he was cold and distant as always back then, but a bit softer and less suspicious of everyone's intentions. Totally awkward, ridiculously pale, too smart for his own good, and the biggest doe eyes you'll ever see. And lonely as hell, but pretending not to be. My poor baby! It's okay, you'll meet John later.

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Commissioned work for Fire-Chan9490, thank you so much for your patience. Information and status on my commissions located here:…

Rift by alicexz

EDIT: Minor fix on the neck area!
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Love it, downloading, thank you!
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Ooh, beautiful. :)
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OMG It's breathtaking!
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Your work is so... Fantastic! Really I love your art ♥__♥
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Wow, this is just gorgeous, thank you! Love :happybounce: Clap
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I would find him as amazing as John does... this is also so beautiful and I like you description

oke this one has to be in my favourites to, just have to...

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Your style and skill never fails to awe me. Amazing!
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Your description is better than anything I can say.


I swear I'm articulate when I'm not talking about your art.

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Utterly amazing! He looks so... vulnerable almost! It is absolutely beautiful and captivating!
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I can't pinpoint why, but Sherlock looks utterly charming!
beautiful work :)...really

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I love your description of him! It's exactly how I imagined this picture to be of before having read it! Great job!
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It's so amazing!!!! Go Sherlock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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so amazing and cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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It's so Sherlock, yet almost cuter and sweeter! Amazing, just amazing.
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You've captured what I imagined Holmes looked like before he become more stern and serious- wonderful job!!
This is so, so beautiful. Such a gorgeous man, I never get tired of looking at him, and you've done such an incredible job capturing his younger self. I love your description. It's so interesting to consider what his childhood and youth must have been like to shape him into the man he became. How sad I am this is not available for sale! :(
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you totally brought out the best in him :D
this is amaaaaazing! :love:
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Can I write a fanfic based on this?
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*whimper* Those eyes... I would never be able to resist ANYTHING from those eyes...
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