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Portrait of a younger Sherlock Holmes, in his university years. Cold and distant already, but a bit sad, too... Put this on my sketchblog a week or so ago and people seemed to like it, so I cleaned it up a bit and added some simple colors! Reference from here.

Virtuoso by alicexz A Study in Pink by alicexz
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This is sooooooo adorable!!!
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Oh my gawd, tis so beautiful!
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There's just something incredibly beautiful about this. It's so perfect and the eyes are so expressive.
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I just started watching this series, and I gotta say, I like this version of Sherlock better than any other I've seen so far. The only things they could do better is stop all the gay references and using Jesus' name as a cuss. Sherlock is otherwise, a masterpiece.
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all I can say is WOW. just WOW.
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Does anyone else think he looks like Colin Morgan in this drawing?? AMAZING ARTWORK btw.
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It's the cheekbones. :D (Big Grin) 
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this is beautifully done, love it!
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sad like a melody, full like a symphony, as a song i know goes.
and perfect.

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Ohh, wow! Love  Amazingly gorgeous, thank you. I think I've fainted.
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This is gorgeous! I love the way you drew his face and hair. :)
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He looks really fresh faced here and very pretty. I love the simplicity of the shading on his face and the details of the brush strokes really set it off.
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Wow.... Just wow.
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He looks a lot like Colin Morgan- I love this!
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fuckin' perfect <3 I love it ..
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Love the simplicity, he looks amazing. You're so talented
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I love the image that you portrayed with this. Young, distant...
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You should put this as print too... I swear I'll buy it.
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your face is poetry too...
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