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Something inspired by Nefertiti of Egypt, and the famous bust of her:… Watercolors and digital post-processing.

I designed thinking it would make a great shirt, so...!

Artwork by Alice X. Zhang
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Nefertiti from Doctor Who?

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Incredible work on this piece.
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I love it! She was my fave when I went through my Egypt phase as a kid!
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thumbs up, very nice
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a like this, amazing color efect
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very nice job!!!!
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This is one of the most coolest drawings I've seen! Amazing! :"D
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Great job. You've got an amazing talent! 
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Very nice! I like how you did your watercolors!!! This is amazing :)
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This is really nice.
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I've seen this artwork so many times at the submission categories. I've finally found it!! Amazing work!!! :)
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Funny that I'm only now seeing this - I bought it (from Threadless) not that long ago!
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Interesting work! :nod:
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My sister bought the shirt for me :) I love it
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the watercolor work is stunning. i love this piece
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I wish i had a shirt with this
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i do like it. i love it. Also love the way you can shoe horn vibrant colour into very nearly anything. I just went and saw the Nefertiti in Berlin... Your work reflects the sculpture of her with honesty.
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Extraordinary work
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