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"I occupy a MINOR position in the British government..."
Painting of Mycroft Holmes as played by the most excellent Mark Gatiss, as always from BBC's Sherlock. He's also, incidently, one of the creators. And thus one of my personal gods. Drawn in Adobe Photoshop with a Wacom tablet.

EDIT 04/26/12: Repainted a couple of minor details!

Artwork by Alice X. Zhang
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this is a lovely picture of minecraft thank you my friend
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It's beautifull work! :D
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It looks just like him, that's fantastic work imust say :)
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It's Minecraft! I mean Microsoft! I mean Mycroft!
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Best comment. :laughing:
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Wow this is amazing, looks exactly like him
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If I had a big brother, one of my firsts choices would be Mycroft.
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Oh my god. You're one of my favourite artists on this site. The fact you have done fanarts for one of, if not my favourite fandom ever has just made my life. Thank you!
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that's why they call him godtiss
it's only a tiny increment less funny than referring to mofftiss as a singular noun
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Sentiment is a chemical defect found in the losing side.

I feel like putting all possible Mycroft quotes on this picture.
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This paint is incredible.
Beautiful, beautiful work. :)
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:iconrainingplz: Mycroft and umbrella lol
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I love the entire series of drawings! I really like textures to your pieces :D
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The most dangerous man you have ever met and not my problem right now...
I do love how they tried to make us think he was Moriarity at first. :D
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I like him.
He always reminds me of minecraft!
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