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Mrs. Hudson

"Mrs. Hudson leave Baker Street? England would fall."
The lovely and fearless landlady from Sherlock who is not your housekeeper. Painted in Adobe Photoshop CS5 from various refs. People seem to draw her rarely and she deserves more love!

Rounds out my themed set of Sherlock character portraits! I believe this is the final one in this particular set... until they introduce further notable characters, of course!

Artwork by Alice X. Zhang
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TheDawnbaronsGuard's avatar
She is so great! :) I love your picture !
GermanShepherdLuv426's avatar
I LOVE Mrs. Hudson!!! :heart: :huggle: She's such a GREAT FUNNY CHARACTER!! :D
Chokokyoko's avatar
I love the quote you picked for her. You are so amazing at making art and I swear my jaw drops every time I look at the next picture in your gallery... so cool!
shellys369's avatar
I want to favorite everything! Amazing work! i love it :)
Natyu0815's avatar
Mrs. Hudson! <3
LeftUnfinished's avatar
Poor Mrs. Hudson. No one draws her.
VyanNR's avatar
OH. This. Is. Amazing.

"The lovely and fearless landlady from Sherlock who is not your housekeeper." OH YOU. :iconohuplz:
InvaderMouse's avatar
Ahhh you're art is just so amazing! She's one of my favorite characters in Sherlock, and to see her in you're artwork is amazing!
Ishable's avatar
my jaw has dropped and I can't find it god you are a great artist
Visocacae's avatar
I can only hear her name in Sherlock's voice, shouted
Can't really say it better than the quote does. We all depend on this lovely lady's firm common sense and skill with a tea kettle.
Sonneillon-'s avatar
Such life in the colours and contrast. Amazing!
Roachbreath's avatar
Yay Mrs. Hudson :D It's so nice to see her added to this lovely collection :3
veinne's avatar
I love thisss. /fangirl :D
Thechemist57's avatar
Very cool that you decided to paint her! I thought this was traditional at first, you've done a great job!
CaliDisneyDreamer's avatar
I just watched that episode tonight! lol
Hazel-Sage's avatar
God I love her!!!!
suzehowe's avatar
It looks like the subtitle should be "...will fuck you up if you hurt her boys!" XDDD
SilverBlades1's avatar
How I wish you would do one for Gladstone. :3
Dreamer-of-Magic's avatar
Yes she does. She definitely deserves more love. :heart: :clap: wonderful piece.
Plakarh's avatar
well drawn, it too
noisyarcades's avatar
lovely painting!
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