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Molly Hooper

"What do you need...?"
Portrait of Molly Hooper from Sherlock, a wonderfully interesting, subtle character that I hope to see more of in Season 3! Painted in Adobe Photoshop CS5 with a Bamboo Fun from ref.

Officially goes with my themed set of Sherlock character portraits! ONE MORE to go..

Artwork by Alice X. Zhang
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i just love her in show and this piece of art is incredible!!!!
AhsokaTano-Skywalker's avatar
I love her in the show. I ship Sherlolly!!
Lean07's avatar
me too Onion 2 onion yep onion dance  

and that's another lovely artwork alice Foxtrot - Wow! 
AhsokaTano-Skywalker's avatar
I can't wait for the next episode. I hope they are filming when I be in London.
ValorOfLorien's avatar
Amazing! I love Molly and this is so great!
SweetCitrine's avatar
I love her in the series I totally ship her and Sherlock! 
XxTheAvengerXxX's avatar
Do you know how AMAZING you are? Super AMAZING! Seriously! Your portraits are probably the best in all the land. AND you have a great taste in fandom.
ZiaStarlight's avatar
I love how strong Molly looks in this portrait
August-Eleven's avatar
Ooooooh! This is INCREDIBLY beautiful!!!
She is soooo beautiful..
Chokokyoko's avatar
This... *look around* This... *grip computer screen* THIS IS MADE ON A COMPUTER FROM SCRATCH?! *shake* AMAZING
Lawleighette's avatar
"Are you wearing lipstick?" - Sherlock

Great work, anyway! :D
ambabeuf's avatar
Beautiful series! (I mean yours... Well, both theirs and yours) I love Molly's character.
Chaosfive-55's avatar
She deserves her own series!!
ThatMarauderProngs's avatar
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I'm just gonna favorite your whole sherlock selection, don't mind me xD 
I love how you used so many different colors that unify to make a great realistic piece. :>
Wistful-Butterfly's avatar
I love Molly as a character, and I love how your drew her. It really brings out her character.
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Its so life like :)
Natyu0815's avatar
FictionLover987's avatar
i love molly <3
sherlock's such a jerk ><
but we love him anyway xD
Drewstudio's avatar
Oh, I love Molly, a such good character, hope to see more of her in season 3 too.
Amazing artwork ! I love ur style so much !
TeaLeaves9's avatar
I LOVE YOUR ARTWORK SO SO MUCH! Such beauty! Aww, Molly! <3
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