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Miss Brightside (redraw)

Couple weeks ago, deviantART staff asked me to beta-test an awesome new function of deviantART muro (which if you don't know, is dA's web-based drawing app, more info on it here…) - Redraw, which records your drawing and lets you play it back later!

Anyway, here's the very first drawing using Redraw I did! All painted with a tablet in muro in a couple of hours. You'll see me flipping the canvas a number of times, as muro can do that now! The portrait is of my friend Silvia, aka agnes-cecile, thank you!

Finished drawing:
Miss Brightside (muro) by alicexz
© 2012 - 2021 alicexz
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Beautiful piece of work! Please check out my works too. thanks!…

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Congratulations! This is Deviation of the Day!
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Awesome!! And you did that with Muro!! WOW 
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I saw this and thought to myself, wow that looks like Silvia xD
Then I read the description xD
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I can't get redraw to work......... to see your redraw
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Suuuppppperrrb! Throw-heart hats off
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agnes-cecile! Such a beautiful person :)
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This is amazing! I can't figure out how to use muro at all, and this is great. The colors are lovely as well :D Very impressive
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This is so interesting. Thanks for making it available.
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thats really good
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What's this got to do with animal style? .-.
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pfft, yeah what the..? I just noticed...
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You're a genius... No seriously, you're brilliant!
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Is opacity a keyword for using muro well? And are there others? :stupidme:
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It's much more impressive to watch your piece unfold than it is to just see the finished product. There is so much layering and changing going on that it's almost like my eyes are focusing in on someone and it gradually becomes clear. Very breathtaking.
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