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A lot of people were asking me to draw Luna Lovegood and I was planning to anyway, so here it is. I always pictured her sort of weird-looking with lots of platinum-blonde hair and odd-but-awesome jewelry (here she's got her beet earrings and a bottlecap necklace.)

Random related HP thought - I always loved the part, can't remember which book it was, where Luna says something to Harry like, "People thought you'd have cooler friends than us" and Harry says very shortly "You are cool." Like there's no question at all about it (and there isn't). I love Harry. *sniff*

Drawn and painted in Adobe Photoshop, no ref, although I did look at some pics of the actress (Evanna Lynch) for inspiration. And again with my favorite strange teal background...

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Luna looks lovely like that! :3 I'm like her more than I'd like to admit...though I'm still learning not let what others say get to me. I envy her serenity :3