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A lot of people were asking me to draw Luna Lovegood and I was planning to anyway, so here it is. I always pictured her sort of weird-looking with lots of platinum-blonde hair and odd-but-awesome jewelry (here she's got her beet earrings and a bottlecap necklace.)

Random related HP thought - I always loved the part, can't remember which book it was, where Luna says something to Harry like, "People thought you'd have cooler friends than us" and Harry says very shortly "You are cool." Like there's no question at all about it (and there isn't). I love Harry. *sniff*

Drawn and painted in Adobe Photoshop, no ref, although I did look at some pics of the actress (Evanna Lynch) for inspiration. And again with my favorite strange teal background...

Ginny by alicexz The Boy Who Lived by alicexz
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Luna looks lovely like that! :3 I'm like her more than I'd like to admit...though I'm still learning not let what others say get to me. I envy her serenity :3
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SHES my FAV Ravenclaw and my FAV HP character! Thank you so MUCH
ChicaRocks4444's avatar
this is so cool! She is my favourite character by far! You did such a great job!
stargirlstan's avatar
YAAAYY!!! This is awesome you did a beautiful job on her expression and her eyes are perfect!!!! <3 <3 <3
CQuiggles96's avatar
My fave HP female character!! Great work capturing Luna!!
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I believe that part's from the halfblood prince; when they're in the train. I loved it too :). And I love Luna.
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I was her for halloween. Btw im sorry im bombarding you with comments. Im at school right now and am bored as hell
fullmetalsnivy's avatar
Luna is one of my- scratch that- my number one favorite characters. This portrays her personality and beauty perfectly all in one drawing. 
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how did u do this on photoshop.  i have that program, but i could never draw something this good.  she is simply breathtaking.
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very colourful and beautiful :)
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Beautiful colors which really suit my favorite HP girl! :)
its great, very her, but (and i always point this out) she has darker hair. dirty blonde. unless you're doing film-luna, she has light blonde hair in the films. this is beautiful work though :)
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Yeah I know. VERY few people get that right. I've never done a full color drawing of her myself, but if I would, I'd definitely make her hair dirty blonde. I don't get why they changed it because I hear dirty blonde (or some kind of light brown) is Evanna's natural hair color, it would have been nicer for her hair too not to bleach it much because bleaching is quite bad for hair in the long run. Maybe they find platinum blonde more attractive … It seems like filmmakers prefer women to have light hair, eyes and skin …
i know, it seems that way. i cant blame the fandom for seeing her with malfoy-esque hair as thats how it is in the films. its an easy detail to miss in the books too :L i might have done except my own hair colour is dirty blonde, and it is about as dark as blonde gets before it becomes light brown. in the winter my hair actually is more of a golden brown. so i guess i like to champion the cause for lunas hair as its the same as my own :P
im not sure what evanna's natural colour is, medium brown i think, judging by that picture of her at a hp book signing when she was a kid. so she was probably always going to have to dye it. its tom felton i feel sorry for :L
HikariMichi's avatar
I think maybe they think white blonde is more "exotic" and therefore prettier. For the record I think actual white blonde hair looks much better than dyed white blonde. But I think dirty blonde is really pretty even though it's more common. I've got light- to medium-brown hair (depends on what time of the year it is) which is also quite generic but I like variety and all hair colours, not just the unusual ones. So I think it would be more fun to show that spectrum in fiction too, not just people with either black, red or blonde hair.
Yeah, having to dye his hair from such a young age, and so many times .__. Isn't his hairline receding now, even?
probably. natural hair colours are nearly always nicer-looking, but people can rock fake ones too :) haha i know, so many people with just normal brown hair but they're seriously under-represented in fiction. hermione though :)
looks like it, yeah. thats probably nothing to do with hair dye though.
HikariMichi's avatar
Yeah. At least female heroines with brown hair is pretty unusual, it's more common for side characters and people who are seen as boring or laughable. With guys though I think it's seen as neutral so many male fictional heroes have brown hair. I think the creators want the women to be more "exotic" so they go for more unusual colours.
sounds likely :L
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I love her *__*! She is my fav character!)
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