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Portrait of the oft-requested Detective Inspector Greg Lestrade from Sherlock. A lovely silver fox and a surprisingly interesting and likable character. Painted in Adobe Photoshop CS5 with a Bamboo Fun from ref.

Officially goes with my themed set of Sherlock character portraits! Only two more to go...

Artwork by Alice X. Zhang
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Poor Lestrade;hardworking and stressed. This is fantastic! Spot on with Rupert Graves!
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OMG! Love this to bits! Greg is my favorite character aside from Jim and Sherlock. This is a fantastic portrait, and I wish I had the programs to do this with!(My PC is crappy, can't handle programs)
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you are awesome and so is this piece of art!!!no doubt    perfect!!!
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Wow! Amzing! He is the best from Sherlock Heart 
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Lestrade.. I watched Sherlock UTD in a couple days, but you played hide-and-seek in my kitchen for months.
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These are all beautiful! But this one...this one is my absolute favorite. 
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Ah, very nice!
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No quote for Lestrade?

He looks phenomenal either way. :D
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eres una Gran artista ...felicitaciones
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Graham? Gavin? Jeff? Oh! GREG!
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Gorgeous, thank you Love Clap Heart Heart Heart .
very very nice my dear!
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You watch Sherlock too?
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Just wanted to say that I really like your choices of backgrounds in your portrait peices
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Love your work! Your use of color is very raw, beautiful!
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Holy cow, this might have just made my life worth living. I've seen some good Lestrade portraits, but none of them are quite as... er... I don't know how to put it. Yours doesn't just look like Lestrade, it IS Lestrade.

I hope that made sense. Amazing job!
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I absolutely LOVE Lestrade and you gave him the proper artistic treatment that he truly deserves. :)
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OMG these are amazing i love them
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I really do love your portraits.
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