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Crappy little Jasmine doodle for practice! I need to draw more, just so much other stuff has been going on lately. Drawn in Adobe Photoshop with a Wacom tablet.
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Crappy!? You call this masterpiece crappy!? Are you high!?
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I used to have a crush on her
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She is so pretty with those softer colors
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Ooooooh, so pretty! <3
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Elegant drawing, everything is nice about it.
ValorOfLorien's avatar
Very, very pretty.
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la technique donne un effet de "vite fait" qui donne tout son charme au dessin, vraiment tres reussi
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Beautiful, simply beautiful Clap 
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really like this! and your own unique spin to it, well done :)
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crappy are you kidding this is famtastic
Mihoshi5's avatar
Aww, so cute :heart:
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She's so pretty!!!!!
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I like this--I think the sketchier qualities near the edge are part of the charm.
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Just woaw! Nothing else to add! Congratulations!
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Photoshop? I thought it was painted.
Except the fact that the whole drawing is wonderful, I especially like the eyes. They are so real, in a Disney-looking way.
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This is lovely! Wonderful job!
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Your draw is Magnificent!! Congratulation I love it!!
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Lovely, i love the colors! ^^
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