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A lot of people asked to see this particular portrait bigger/as a separate deviation (from my last sketchdump), so here it is.

Referenced Emma Watson as Hermione from the earliest part in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Pt1:… Sad scene. :worry: I absolutely love the music that goes with it though, you can listen here:… (track is called Obliviate by Alexandre Desplat)

Sketchdump I by alicexz

Artwork by Alice X. Zhang
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Still beautiful. 👌

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Really I think it is so beautiful.

جهت  مشاوره ایزو در هر لحظه کارکنان فنی و کارشناس شرکت آریان گستر پاسخگوی شما می باشند،لذا همین حالا با ما تماس حاصل فرمایید.


مشاوره EFQM با آریان گستر

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Wow, that's so beautiful, love the colours in it too!
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Absolutely incredible.
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Whoa, almost 10k faves.
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This is a beautiful picture. The colors and the shading are tremendous. 
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Beautiful! Very expressive.
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Ooh woow look at that.....I love this beautiful drawing AND I'm a huge Harry Potter fan.
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-Gasp- Stunning💕
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Hermione looks beautiful here and the colors you chose for this are perfect and show the emotion in this scene!
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This is truly amazing. Nice work.
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The colors chosen for this is absolutely beautiful!!!!!!
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Such beautiful colors :)
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This is awesome! <333333
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do you have speedpaint videos?
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this is amazing
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Very beautifully done!
wow, this is amazing!
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really well done, very intense
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This is incredible. The expression is so accurate and the eyes...I'm waiting for a tear to fall because it's so realistic. You're fantastic.
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