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Happily ever after

... until the rest of the movie at least.

Painted over Livestream, you can view the entire process video here & part 2 here. For everyone that caught it, thanks for watching!

Referenced a scene from 101 Dalmatians, featuring Pongo and Perdita. This is actually the first time I've drawn something from this movie! This piece was commissioned by Lyrnix, thank you so much for your patience.

Drawn and painted in Photoshop CS5, about two hours according to Livestream. Tried to go for a watercoloury look!
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So wonderful!! My favourite film, and scene! If I was the type to make girly fan girl screams, I so would be right now! :happy: :squee-love: - PLZ 
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Guess you could say its.. "Puppy" love!
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This looks beyond amazing!!! X3
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Omg ths is CUTE!! :D
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wow i love your art!  your style is so beautiful.  can't get enough of your disney art lol   awesome work!
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So glad i found you! I love your art! 
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kind if sad how nobody came to their wedding
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Probably a private wedding.
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Awww! I remember this part, i was so touched. TwT
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lovely did you know in the book the movie was based on her name was Missy?
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oh god... so many good memories.. Thank you so much for posting this here :heart:
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Love it! One of my two all time favourite Disney movies. :)
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oh, i just watched that movie. and you did it beautifully
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Please! Do a Lady and the Tramp! <3
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Hi! You have so many great scene fan arts on your gallery, I wanted to ask if you mind submitting them in my new group [link] ? That would be wonderful!
For example these works are very welcomed :D

Feel free to submit as many as you might want ^^
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Gorgeous! I love the lighting :3 This scene was always gorgeous, I love the colors and lighting from the church! ^^ Lovely job! :clap:
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So beautiful! I love the way you've painted this scene(:
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