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God help the outcasts

A doodle of Esmeralda from my favorite scene in The Hunchback of Notre Dame. Referenced this clip:… (watch it, it's great!) as well as this screencap:… Painted in Adobe Photoshop with a Wacom tablet, about one and a half hours.

Artwork by Alice X. Zhang
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the most important scene in the entire movie. social, compassionate, pure. this is truly divine^^ (i drew esmeralda as well, come see it^^)

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A beautiful scene from a beautiful movie. One of my favorite Disney films! You captured the glowing ambiance well.

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Show them the mercy they don't find on earth
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This s very beautiful! You're a really good artist!
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Huh. I was just writing something about Hunchback today. Great art btw. Esmeralda is very underrated. ;)
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I recommend that anyone who hasn't heard it already, listen to the french version of God help the outcasts.
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this is a scene that never fails to bring a tear to my eye, and you captured it perfectly in this doodle
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IMMA CRY. OH GAWD! Cry forever Big Fool Emoji-07 (Cry) [V2] Miuna Crying Icon 
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This was used for a fancover of mine!!…
Mentioned you in the description.
my favorite song in that movie!
you've captured the moment beautifully
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beautiful...I have no words..
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A heart-breaking song and you've done an awesome job putting the emotion in this picture.
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Beautiful. Esmeralda doesn't get nearly enough credit. Fantastic job!
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The life and soul in her face is absolutely amazing! It's just so well-done
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You're such a great artist! I'm glad to find another person who loves "The Hunchback of Notre Dame" as well! 
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This movie is proof that we're all different. We just want people to accept us.
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This was a great scene with an amzing song.
Love it. I also loved this song how she was calling on God's help.

God bless.
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I so remember this moment.
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I love this. I wish I could draw like this. Do you mind if I use this on a blog post that I will be having coming up? I will of course have a link to this page and credit you. 

Here is the blog itself if you want to check it out…
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