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Painting that you might recognize from my recent Before/After meme! I hope people can judge this piece now without being distracted by the juxtaposition of the older work, which I really feel has a great effect... all these bright colors definitely may look jarring next to a more muted piece. Having no prior expectations changes the experience of an artwork upon a viewer, in my opinion.

But anyway, I really enjoyed painting this portrait and using a wide variety of colors to flesh out her features (her being Ginny Weasley from Harry Potter.) Tried to capture an intense, confident, sexy Quidditch Captain look (which is what a mid-twenties Ginny would be! She's survived a war and she's not supposed to be a timid little pixie.) Drawn in Adobe Photoshop with a Wacom tablet, no ref, several hours.

The Boy Who Lived by alicexz Hermione by alicexz
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to be honest I think they could have found a better actress to play the role of Ginny she honestly looked the same only thing to change was her height
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Those colours work beautifully together
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Her hair is just lovely!Love 
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Okay, I don't know I commented, but this is SPECTACULAR! There is simply no words for this; it's exactly how I imagined her: tough and fiery. Though ... freckles ... she has freckles. :)
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Yes! Ginny is NOT a timid little pixie~!!! She is Awesome and Bad-Ass Sexy!!! :w00t:
wow. this is actually too beautiful even for ginny. this is like, fleur-beautiful. this could be dom if she had shorter hair and blue eyes, imo.
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Do you make these with paint or.....????? On the computer?? I am just blown away by these pics of your's!
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Still one of my absolute favourites. Found this a couple of months ago, but still everytime I look at it, I'm baffled again.
Gorgeous colours, and (no offense to Bonnie), but she seems a lot more like the Ginny from the books. You can FEEL the fire streaming out of her.
So inspiring (I know that sounds cheesy, but I mean it). Just amazing.
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Beautiful, I love it.
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It's EXTREMELY beautiful.
Wow... these portraits you do.... they are so incredible! I thought maybe it was like a "style"... but now I realize all of them were actually done by the same person!! (cuz I had seen your portraits of Sansa and the GoT ones awhile ago). Anyways,!!! keep doing more because they're lovely! they really are my favorite of any piece probably on the whole site!
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This. Is. Ginny.
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Absolutely unbelievably amazing...
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Your lovely artwork has been featured in this journal from #Prismatic-Colours: [link]

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Kirstie Alley!?
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Ok, maybe this is more stunning,beautiful,and amazing than fiery .... but you left me speechless.
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oh my, oh my no...oh my this is... oh, i have no words this is so *ç* , absolute love it, no i- i think i workship you.
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I'm glad you made your own version of her! (Not that I don't love Bonnie, I just hate how much they screwed up Ginny's awesome character in the movies). Great job!
I love how much of Ginny's personality you captured in just one expression. That takes talent, and the colors are just amazing.
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