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Commissioned portrait of Lisbeth Salander from The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (Millenium trilogy.) Specifically requested to match the color and style of my earlier piece "Wasp" of the same character, so the similarities are intentional. A lot of experimentation going on in this piece still. I referenced multiple photos of Noomi Rapace and used a bit of texture from Sirius-sdz!

Commissions are closed indefinitely due to the insane backlog, sorry!

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Companion piece:
Wasp by alicexz

Artwork by Alice X. Zhang
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Niiice. I'm grateful that you took the time to produce another piece of Lisbeth so that we can compare Rapace's version with Mara's! 👌

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This immediately captured my attention, i know you because of Dodger :) You're truly talented and i love your style <3
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Outstanding! You have definitely captured Lisbeth the way I've always imagined her. I agree that here is no one who can portray Lisbeth the way Noomi Rapace can......:D WIN 
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I love this painting. Just watched the trilogy again- always good. Well executed and the color is perfect.
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Noomi Rapace captures the look FAR better than Rooney Mara ever did.
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This is so amazing, I love it! The colours are perfect and I love how you did her eyes and hair :heart: I saw it as an avatar on this account :iconmariasemelevich: and had to see the original version :)
Great artwork, you really did her justice, I LOVE this character, so fascinating!
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She's my favorite character, and you did a great job with the swedish version of Lisbeth, it's beautiful!
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Infinitely beautiful.
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*cries* this is so beautiful... I love your work so much
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do u do these things from scratch or?
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this is awe-inspiring !!! 
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wow. this is so amazing.

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You've done Lisbeth Salander justice. She is epic!
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Your Work Is Absolutely Brilliant
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wow, it's an absolutely amazing piece of art :o
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Gives me chills. She's a real savage beast. One of the best characters portrayed by cinematography in the last years. Noomi Rapace's Salander portrayal is much more strong than Mara's, at least to me! But still, is matter of tastes. Incredible texture, my friend! I loved it!
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This captures her portrayal of Lisbeth perfectly!
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amazing! you habe a beautiful stile!
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I love Noomi!!!! :D And I prefer the Swedish over the American version of the movie always!
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