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Doctor Who: The Twelfth Doctor

Happy Doctor Who Saturday! Here's my latest comic cover artwork. I was told that this is the first officially licensed art of Peter Capaldi as the Doctor!! Such a huge honor! For reference (since it was commissioned well before the new season) my editor gave me a bunch of unreleased promos from the BBC - it was cool to get a sneak peak of Capaldi's outfit and look.

I actually got to MEET Peter Capaldi (and Jenna Coleman) at the NYC premiere this year!!

Quoting from previous submissions: this year I've been getting into the comics industry - been working on a variety of cover artworks for various titles, my biggest project being Doctor Who!! Super grateful to the BBC and Titan Comics for this amazing opportunity!

This is Cover A for issue #1 of Doctor Who: The Twelfth Doctor from Titan Comics. Featuring Peter Capaldi as The Doctor.


Available worldwide at your local comics or book store!
I'm hoping to have prints/posters of these in my official shop soon!

Reblog on Tumblr! Thank you all for your wonderful comments and support!

Doctor Who: The Eleventh Doctor by alicexz Doctor Who: The Tenth Doctor by alicexz

Artwork by Alice X. Zhang
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The best doctor
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Kidneys!!!! :O ......exquisite composition, as always!!! <3 <3 :hug: please continue being inspiring and inspired with unbound and limitless passion! :)
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Very nice, lovely work with great attention to detail. Beautiful painting. I hope you could do a painting of my own favorite Doctor Tom Baker or the other classic Doctors. 
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This is amazing! I was wondering if I could possibly use it as a cover for a story I am making (on a different website). I'll give you full credit for it!
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Love it, downloading, thank you!
I love the way you've used the circles to focus attention on the foreshortening on his hand. (I think that first pose he used for the promos showed he has an eye for art, didn't it?)
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So YOU're the one behind those breathtaking Doctor Who artworks I've been seeing everywhere on Pinterest!
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I think I like this Doctor the most.

(totally not because of Lego Dimensions, nosireebob)
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No Sonic Shades?
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im crying..rembering clara's season.....Poor Clara tho...docter dont remeber her....GO CAPALDI WHOOO PETER CAPALDI!!!
Cry Baby - Icon ---->Fairy Tail in RANDOM Face OO 
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Series 8 was a little rough. Very dark, very unsure of itself. But Series 9! I feel Capaldi does a much better job of putting his own little spin on The Doctor! Sonic Sunglasses! Rock Guitar! and he even develops a much more tolerable sense of humor (series 8 his humor was really dark and hard to take). I'm glad The Mistress came back. The Master was always my favorite Doctor Who "Villain" and The Mistress keeps that character going in a very interesting way. Also it proves that Time Lords can switch genders in between regenerations. Who knows, The Doctor might turn into Emma Thompson in the next series ;)  And then I also recently got into Game of Thrones so seeing Maissie Williams become a recurring character in this series was a trip for me! Phenomenal actress and she's only 19! I hope she keeps going with her acting career because I think she can do great things in the future (I mean, what can be greater than Game of Thrones AND Doctor Who?) Sure Seires 9 had a rough episode but episodes like the Zygon Inversion where he pours so much of himself out there for others to see remind me of the David Tennant days. So much raw emotion. This is the series that made me believe that Capaldi IS the Doctor! 
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I series 8, I had issues with much of the writing and I couldn't stand that coat of Twelve.  In series 9, it was SO MUCH BETTER (The writing and his coat).  Series 9 felt right and part of the entire NEW series, but series 8 was a big let-down.  Many reasons, mostly the writing on most episodes.  I am looking forward to series 10 coming in 2017.  So excited!!
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Great made! I love it!
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Cool!!!! Can you make a Star Wars character, like Han Solo
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This is bloody brilliant, I love how you him different but similar to the others. (He doesn't seem to be as obsessed with his screwdriver does he?)
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you mean his sonic shades
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i thought he still used the screwdriver, but I have lagged behind as I find him a tad .... Spiteful. Matt Smith went completely the other way, but I feel Capaldi needs to turn it down or start to care more, though I get it takes a while for a new doctor to get on their feet.
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He's now got a brand new screwdriver.
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Cool, just too cool.
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