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By alicexz
Here we are! Another portrait inspired The Last of Us, of the beautiful Ellie. I was also inspired by the extremely creepy Cordyceps fungus (which in turn inspired the disease in the game) so tried to work in that motif. I've gotten wonderful comments from both Sony/Playstation and Naughty Dog, so I am really hoping to do artwork for all the amazing TLOU characters sometime. If you haven't checked out this game, I HIGHLY recommend it! It's on PS3 and will be coming to PS4 in a remastered edition as well.

Print is available here. Originally posted on my artblog! Painted in Adobe Photoshop on a Wacom Cintiq.

The Road Less Traveled by alicexz

Artwork by Alice X. Zhang
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This is too good, WOW.
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another great one, well done ^_^
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Maybe the fungus is helping Ellie rather than hurting her and it's like the symbiotic relationship between plants and fungi.
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Man, your colours ... 
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i love this drawing, you are very talented and please don't stop drawing :D
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Awesome! I loved this game ^^
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Well done:)

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another perfect painting....
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This is amazing! I love the colours and strokes!
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Gosh this is perfect.
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This is amazing, i hope Elllie is in tlou2
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Cordyceps is creepy? It works wonders for many people and has helped me with chronic illnesses, including CFIDS. How is it "creepy"? It just caught me off guard to see the title. I take it every day and wish I could afford more so that it could be twice a day.
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I love it! Your style is amazing, Ellie is so perfect!~
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I really love this, I keep coming back to look at it. You captured Ellie and just the emotion of the game so beautifully, really wonderful work :love:
This really departing Ellie portrayal as a bad ass girl into a beautiful innocent should shows this to Ashley Johnson in her twitter (TheVulcanSalute)...I bet she gonna be impressed !
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lovely art !!!
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I love this game soo much.
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screams a thousand years i love ellie 
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ahh ellie is so beautiful <3 amazing portrait :)
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