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Bella Cullen

A requested portrait of how I imagine vampire!Bella, when she first looks into a mirror. I couldn't actually bring myself to read Breaking Dawn, so I kind of just made this shit up!

I know realvampires don't have reflections.

Painted in Photoshop CS3, 2 hours.
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You are amazingly talented, is all I can say. This is so beautiful - I wish VampireBella had looked more like this in the film version. She's the perfect mix of that delicate innocence that defines Bella, and the eerily alluring beauty that the transformation leaves her with. I particularly love her eyes and lips in this - she definitely looks supernatural and non human, but you can still see traces of "human Bella" in her face. I really appreciate that you drew her as something unworldly and strange ( I love how her eyes glow and how her hands look like marble !) , rather than just a particularly attractive human. Thank you so much.
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honestly, that's freakishly accurate to the description in the book.
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Would you mind if I shared it on my Facebook role play page for Bella:… I think the Twilight fans who have liked my page would really enjoy it. I would make sure your name is on it and would add a link back to your page so everyone can see all your beautiful art
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its really good if you haven't read the book like you said, and by the way breaking dawn the book is so good! its my favorite one out of all the books just to let you know
beautiful just beautiful

I love it u did an amazing job capturing her
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this has more emotion then the actual actress.
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This is awsomee!!! I LOVE IT! its in my favs!!
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I would just like to comment that you put more emotion into this made-up version of Bella than this actress has done in her entire film career :-p

Beautiful work as always :)
LOL i love you for this comment because it is so utterly true. Kristen really has little emotion in everything she does. Very upsetting when she was cast as Bella. :/
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Looks awesome! ^u^
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It's funny you say 'real' vampires, as if there's an expectation for the breed. Any deviations are automatically dismissed as fiction even though as general rule, the entire concept is regarded as fiction anyway. Real could refer to 'human' vampires just as much as it does to the classic 'Noseratu' mythology. I find the whole debate very amusing.

As for the image itself, yup. Very beautiful, and in perfect reflection of the novel. No pun intended. haha
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*Nosferatu. I'd have my own head off for that one!
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LOVE THE EYES! This is VERY beautiful!
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Wow its so good. She looks so like Bella!
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Beautiful!!! Exactly what I pictured in the book, and it looks like a scene from the movie
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:wow: for me this bella is more beautiful than the real one. i like the color of the eyes .
Wow I read breaking dawn and that is what it described that drawing right there!!!! Love it!
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That looks fantastic! If I may ask, why didn't you want to read the book?
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