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December 10, 2009
Beauty Before Death by *alicexz is an outstanding t-shirt graphic that shows us a different interpretation of the wonderful story of Medusa's Myth. Very expressive, super detailed with wonderful colors. You must click on the link to see how it looks on a real shirt. Great concept!
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Beauty Before Death

A collaborative piece with my friend Enkel Dika - it's our take on the legendary Medusa of Greek mythology fame. Drawn in Adobe Photoshop and painted with watercolors (with digital editing.) Made for and printed over at Threadless.

EDIT: I AM aware that people have tattooed this design - though I would still prefer to be notified, if you'd like to take this drawing to your tattoo parlor by all means go ahead... just make sure you're really certain. ;p And send me a picture.

Artwork by Alice X. Zhang
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AthWrg3's avatar

Gorgeous. 👌

erimu's avatar
No words can express how awesome this is, so let me just say this - I've been wanting to get ittattooed for YEARS! I feel like I'm finally in a position to afford one but I can't go through with it without asking permission. Would you be okay with that?
malawoop2004's avatar
that is awesomeWow!  how did you do tha??????Llama Emoji-23 (Shyness) [V1] Llama Emoji-78 (Clapping) [V4] 
ko357's avatar
I find this so stunning, looking at this gave me an idea for a tattoo. And this might seem crazy but I was wondering if you'd draw it for me? If you did that would be freaking awesome because I'm not so great at drawing.
FancyChocolate's avatar
OH MY GOSH! I have this shirt! My sister ordered it for me!! Its so cool that I found it here!! I've worn the shirt sooooo many times! I (and my associates) love it!!
Teal-Feather's avatar
I got the outline of this tattooed on me almost a year ago, just need the money to get this beautiful piece finished!
I spent 6 hours in the chair to get this much done and the outline isn't really finished yet. Still looks amazing!

alicexz's avatar
Wow, looks awesome! Hope you get it finished sometime! Thanks for showing me a photo! :)
Lola-Jasmine's avatar
I love this design! I actually got the Threadless shirt recently. Thanks for your awesomness!
Airmoon's avatar
sorry but that's funking awsome! :D love that
SundialRain's avatar
great work, love the use of colour!
GirBaloney's avatar
I bought this shirt awhile's pretty awesome to find it on here
ShadedRaven's avatar
I just love this picture of Medusa so much, it's so unique but it still implies the legend of Medusa by looking at it. It's so wonderful and the usage of colours is amazing and eye-catching. Well done, I love it : ) [link]
LifeBreedsArt's avatar
If I was anything more than dirt poor I would so buy this shirt, but then I would never wear it. It would be hanging up an my wall next to all of my other favorite works of art. I enjoy the movements of Medusa's snakes, giving them personality instead of having them just lay there. The added colors in her hair, rather that just the greens and browns of the serpents was a very nice surprise. Beautiful work. Also, I love the little tentacle in there. It was unexpected.
Renegade-Girl's avatar
That is so gorgeous
PETUVALEN's avatar
Beautiful Art!
hey-mikky's avatar
SamRosen's avatar
holy crap I bough this t shirt! cool to find the original thing!
shawngmyers's avatar
looooooove this!!!!!!!!!!!!
tigerli-ly's avatar
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