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July 10, 2010
Alice in Zombieland by *alicexz - An incredible design! I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw this t-shirt graphic! Awesome mashup between the timeless Alice in Wonderland and even more timeless (and imminent) zombie apocalypse.
Featured by Lilyas
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Alice in Zombieland

"Off with their heads!!"

Another collaborative tee design, this time done with my friend Don Lim! Featuring a deliciously insane Alice. Drawn in Adobe Photoshop and painted with watercolors (with digital post-editing.) Made for and printed over at Threadless.

EDIT: Daily Deviation! Thank you so much, I appreciate each and every one of your comments and faves. Please be sure to visit my collab partner Don!

Artwork by Alice X. Zhang
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AthWrg3's avatar

Get 'em, Ms. Liddell! ⚔️

TaQueen1998's avatar
I wish you would do more of these!
I really love the Cheshire cat's eyes!
oneluckybabeeeee's avatar
I have this in sweatshirt form, can't believe I found the original artwork randomly! Always getting comments on how awesome this design is, so I'm passing on the heaps of praise to you :)
Pancake1697's avatar
Wow this is very interesting and amazing. I love it!
kaybabe300's avatar
this was a really cool book!!! and a really cool picturre!! I love this
kiss61's avatar
Love it! My brother bought me the t-shirt for Christmas :) Its one of my new favorite shirts!
romanpixie's avatar
This would make an epic tattoo
AlucardsAngel's avatar
Just got this for an x-max gift. Love your artwork! Keep up the good work :D Happy Holidays~
lala1997's avatar
there's actually a book called Alice in Zombieland
Twitchyteleporter's avatar
naruto162's avatar
Pack your bags. Shit just got real
Mizugumo's avatar
I have this design on a t-shirt and a hoodie(which I wear all the time) Love it!
BeeMB's avatar
I love Alice, and your drawing is so ashvfuwscvbsegf (words can't describe)
I have this shirt! Soooooo badass
Laceface36's avatar
Caladyra's avatar
absolutely awesome! Need one of those shirts...
MRG93's avatar
Awesome Job
lala0-0's avatar
Wow fun. So dramatic! I love how you're not afraid to use black, nor add strongly contrasting colors.
realvishwa's avatar
Alice with a Sward!!
I love this as a tee!
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