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Experimental painting done in Adobe Photoshop, about two hours. Reference image of Hayley Williams!
And the song that inspired this piece and its title:…

EDIT 03/27/12: Featured in Advanced Photoshop magazine:…

Artwork by Alice X. Zhang
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I saw this artwork awhile ago, but I still think it's my favorite drawing of Hayley. :leetcrab:

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Hi, I'm not sure if you're aware, but someone uses this painting in their game as an achievement icon:…

I was wondering, do they have your permission to do so?
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i love this <3
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i love your style its so vibrant but not harsh on the eyes like some other people i dont want  mention 
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i could use a wish right now...a wish right now 
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Yes Paramore!
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I've loved this piece for years but never was able to order it. Until today, can't wait to get it :)
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This is a bit unusual, but I really like it. 
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The colors are Beautiful and Dynamic.
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Like the color and style!
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Your use of colors are so vibrant :D
Discovered this painting through a song  I like on youtube…, and the drawing is awesome ! Bravo  !
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This is awesome!
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I love this picture so much! There's so much energy and motion in it!

I recently bought a mug with this picture, now all I do is stare at it instead of drinking my coffee :D
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Wow! This is amazing! Absolutely love the colors-great work!
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WOW! There are not enough words to say how much I liked this one!
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oh my god! I've been looking for the original artist of this for YEARS. I love this!
<3 <3 <3 <3 <3
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Love your work soooooooo much!!!!
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