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A Once and Future King

By alicexz
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I remember a shadow...

A personal work of mine featuring a recent favorite character, Loki. I'm fascinated with his costume design in the films and of course enamored of Tom Hiddleston's portrayal of him (unhinged yet strangely tragic.) Painted in Adobe Photoshop on a Wacom Cintiq 21UX, ref pics from Thor screencaps:… with some color inspiration from the Bifrost. Thank you to Jessi for the title idea - it's not quite a reference to the novel, but I like the phrase.

Loki by alicexz Loki, Prince of Asgard by alicexz

Artwork by Alice X. Zhang
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© 2012 - 2021 alicexz
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Wow that is beautiful

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OhhHHHHHhhh you did those fantastic illustrations of all the Doctors!!! I'm enamored by all the colors in your artwork <3 <3
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Great job, on this sneaky, little devil. The details on the clothes are great, the lighting and shading are incredibly done and the background is very well done.
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I love Loki.  I'm surprised you haven't done one of Hela yet... they did an amazing job with her in Thor: Ragnorok.
Amethyst-Phoenixx's avatar
That looks stunning!:lovely: :lovely: :lovely: 
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Aaawww, poor Loki!
But the way you drew him....  #perfection 
This is so beautiful, and you TOTALLY captured the moment.
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aww maan, that title suits the scene of your art! ^u^
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Tu vois ce que c'est que la perfection? Ba là, c'est encore mieux *_*
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I could stare at this for hours. It looks as though liquid gold is dripping down the work. Beautiful.
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This is absolutely stunning!
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This is so my new screen saver! Brilliant work!
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One of my absolute favorites in your gallery Heart  I love the effect of the lines of light and the colors in the armor and the background stars. When Avengers came out I went a little nuts searching art of Loki, and this is still one of my favorites I ever found.
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my friend recommended that I check out your work. I LOVE this piece!!!
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Awesome work on Loki
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i think hiddleston's acting is underrated. i realized how talented he was in the avangers and i really enjoyed him in the last thor movie.
CQuiggles96's avatar
Dang this is so cool!!  One of the best Loki pieces ever!
CrisisHalfPrincess's avatar
how did you do these nice blue stifes and dots?
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Loki looks great!
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You sir, ma'am, whatever gender thou art, DESERVE A FAITHFUL WATCH!
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I really like the colours you used, the gold looks so warm. I also like the title, I think it's very fitting for Loki.
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Wow, this is fantastic!  The colors are so vivid, and the detail is amazing!  Keep up the beautiful work!
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From wich movie is this?? 
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