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A Lonely Road

By alicexz


A wing study, tried to get the point of movement across in a few strokes. Very quick sketch of that lonely angel Castiel, originally posted on my artblog.

Artwork by Alice X. Zhang
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© 2012 - 2021 alicexz
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this is sp beautiful! im not an artist or anything close to one at all. my family is and i fall so so short its actually funny. my thing is words. im a writer. but i just had to comment on this. especially with all the feelings from the finale ya know? so im going to try...

i love the wings. thats what made me click on in in the first place. the are so elegant yet almost, casual? he looks like he is about to take off flying or he just landed and started walking immediately.

sorry im not very good at art but im trying to just tell what i love about it.

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I love this. How would you feel if I used this as the basis for a new tattoo?
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Fabulously done, darling
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words cannot express my love for this Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart 
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Minimal and effective!  Very nice.  You rarely see Castiel's wings look so natural.
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Well, congratulations--you got your point across perfectly! It's amazing how lifelike this actually looks, while having so few strokes! Cheers and Applause - NaNoEmo Day 8 
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Love the swiftness of this.
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can i use your picture for one of my cover song ?
Thank you :D
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bruh... freaking amazing 
Castiel, Moriarty, Sherlock...this is too much. Too much awesome...
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I love how deceivingly simple this is.  Nice work as usual.
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I'd love to see some Dean & Sam Supernatural artwork from you! :D
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This is incredible beautiful in it's pureness.
You captured the movement and the meaning, plus the emotions here...
and everything in such less lines.
That's what makes a real artist.
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Simple but moving
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it looks so simple but it's so amazing!
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Incredibly beautiful
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I love your artwork and this ons is one of my favorites (other than the one of the 10th Doctor)
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Dramatic Cas is dramatic :3
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