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A City on the Head of a Pin

By alicexz
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This is a simple fanart for an amazing Sherlock story called "A City on the Head of a Pin" by Mad Maudlin. You can read it here:… It's a short gen story that I highly recommend - it's absolutely lovely and beautiful and it has imaginary!wings but is completely canon and believable and trust me you will want to art it too!

Haha, it's not Supernatural-related. I actually haven't seen that show yet!

Hit Download Image for a large wallpaper size! (1440x900px) Drawn in Adobe Photoshop with a Wacom tablet.

No one ever gets to me. by alicexz Virtuoso by alicexz
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My vision was right XD When I saw the little icon scrolling I was "OMG!!! SHERLOCK!!" I scrolled back up slowly just so I could click it. Thanks for this amazing piece!
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You're my absolute favorite sherlock artist O_____o
This is so beautiful
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now i finally understand it.  sooooo many wing pics of sherlock out there, and you're the first artist i've seen mention the story attached.  and it's fantastic!
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ok this is my new favorite thing in D.A

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Thanks for this--browsing Mad Maudlin's fics has been a pleasure, and you took me there. ^_^
Also, the picture itself is quite nice.
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I am finally became Boss
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Wow! This actually convinced me to read the story (I hardly ever read fanfiction), and I'm so glad I did! :love:
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This artwork is awesome. Is it alright with you if I can use some of your artwork in my fan made magic the gathering cards?
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Yes you will definitely want to make art for it. Quite a lovely story. And a great picture you made to go with it. : ]
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Wow this is stunning! :wow:
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i don't suppose i could favorite this twice?


but it's so beautiful
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this is interesting
i really adore this (:
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I my be on the side of the angels, but do not make the mistake of thinking i am one of them.
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i don't know where this is from... but man i love this picture!!! very nicely done.
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"You're ordinary--you're on the side of the angels."
"Oh, I may be on the side of the angels...but don't think for one second that I am one of them."

:) This art just reminds me of a quote. <3
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